Other jobs in music

The music business is as wide as it is tall. There are all kinds of jobs that provide an income, satisfaction, and fulfillment for a person who loves music.

There are music directors for Christian colleges, churches, and ministries.

There are jobs at theme parks and at entertainment meccas like Las Vegas, Branson, and the like.

Some jobs require a degree or even multiple degrees, but for some, it is where they want to be. At colleges and universities all over the country, there are jobs as band director, director of music, and concert band director. At high schools, there are jobs as band director and also jobs teaching music. At many elementary schools, children have the chance to learn to play a musical instrument and join a fledgling band.

There are private music teachers who teach students in their home.

There are jobs working for companies that produce musical instruments.

There are jobs writing music.

There are jobs putting music to paper.

A job in music is only limited by your own imagination and willingness to pursue it.