Other Jobs in ski resorts

You don't have to be an excellent skier or a certified instructor to find seasonal ski resort work. You can also apply for a support job that fits your skills and experience. We've included information on every type of support job that forms part of the ski resort work.

Base maintenance worker
The base maintenance worker keeps the base area of the slopes in a good condition by removing excess snow from the car park area. This position doesn't require any special training or skills. It is the ideal position for the student or school leaver. You may need to acquire a uniform and some gear. Some of the employers provide it for free. You won't get rich from this work, but it is a good entry level position. The wages are around to an hour.

Slope maintenance worker
The slope maintenance worker or grooming operator keeps the slopes in good condition for ski purposes by removing excess snow with large grooming vehicles and machines. The idea is to get smooth ski surfaces. The resort keeps a few slopes in their natural state for the experienced and adventurous skiers, while some of the slopes are cleaned for the novice and intermediary skiers. If there are many skilled skiers, the resort will keep more slopes in a natural state and thus hire less slope maintenance personnel. Most of the slope cleaning is done during the evenings when the skiers have gone home. You must be willing to work irregular hours. The slope maintenance worker must learn how the machinery works and get acquainted with the ski area. Most of the resorts require bright or very visible uniforms. You must be able to ski and experience in heavy machinery work will be an advantage. The average wage is around to an hour.

The caretaker or housekeeper type of ski resort work entails cleaning and grooming of the resort area that falls outside the parking and slope areas. The startup positions normally involve physical labor and no special skills. An example of the work is ski removal. The next level of this kind of support job entails minor maintenance and repair jobs such as basic electric and plumbing or cabin repair work. The caretaker is also known as the janitor. The hours are irregular and uniforms are required. The average wage is around to an hour.

Lift attendant
The lift attendant assists skiers with getting on the lifts. He also operates the lift. It entails ticket clipping, keeping the rows in order, and as a priority, see to the safety of the skiers. The equipment may be old and outdated or include very sophisticated cable cars. You must have good people skills and able to handle difficult situations. If you work during the winter season, you must be able to ski fairly well. The wage is around to an hour.

Car park attendant
The car park attendant assists with the parking of vehicles and unloading of ski gear. You may also be required to offer valet services, and sometimes drive skiers from their accommodation to the slopes. In this case, a driver's license is required. Uniforms are compulsory and the average wage is around to an hour. You have the added benefit of tips.

The snowmaker works irregular hours and can be dangerous. The snowmaker maintains the slope conditions by ensuring that there is enough snow on the slopes. Heavy equipment is used to blow snow. You need to be fit and able to operate the equipment. Some countries require a special license. The average pay is around to an hour.

Ticket seller
Many of the resorts separate the lift operating support job from the lift ticket sales job. The ticket office is normally on the hill where the worker is sheltered from the weather. The ticket seller must know the different ski packages that are offered and should have some accounting skills. You don't need ski experience but must know how the ski runs work. The average wage is around to an hour.

Restaurant worker
You may also find ski resort work in a restaurant or take-away close to or even in the resort. The restaurant worker can be a waiter, kitchen cleaner, washer, bartender, chef, or manager. The hours differ according to shifts and even though it entails hard work. It has the advantage of tips together with the basic wage. No experience is need for most of the positions but if you have worked in a restaurant before it will help in getting seasonal work. The average wage is around to and tips.

The receptionist is responsible for registering new visitors, allocating rooms, and answering questions from customers with regard to the resort. Good customer care skills are required and a neat appearance. The average wage is around to an hour.

Another type of support job is that of housekeeper. It entails room service, cleaning and making beds. The position has no glamour and is easy to get. Be warned though, it is hard work and also entails the mopping of floors and cleaning toilets. The average wage is about to an hour.

Child watcher
The child watcher keeps the children busy and is responsible for their safety while the parents ski. You need patience and a love for working with young children. The average wage is to an hour.

Call centre operator
This position entails reserving tickets and rooms. You need good customer care skills and some sales experience will help. Several calls are handled per day. Basic computer literacy and switchboard handling experience may count in your favor. You can expect a wage of around to an hour for this type of ski resort work.

Switchboard clerk
The switchboard clerk directs incoming calls to the rooms and relevant divisions of the resort. Good communication skills and switchboard experience is needed. It may also involve basic clerical work. Some of the calls are directed to remote areas on the slope. You must be able to type and work with computers. The average wage is to an hour.

The bookkeeper, accountant or accounting clerk is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the resort. Excellent accounting and mathematical skills are required. You must be willing to work night shifts and have some accounting qualifications. Experience in bookkeeping is required for this type of ski resort work. Uniforms are not compulsory but a professional image is essential in this support job. The average pay ranges from to an hour.