Other jobs on board a cruise ship

These jobs cover all the occupation which involves serving the passengers. High on the top of the list in this category you will find the reservation agents.

Reservations agents for cruise ships- there is a lot of work in the coordination of the traveling arrangement of the 1000-2000 passengers that come and go on every cruise. The reservation agent's main duty is to smooth out the traveling concerns of the passengers. The candidate should be qualified preferably in travel and tourism industry; any amount of experience in this line would be an added advantage. Besides the qualifications, the candidate needs to be painstaking with details, patient with people and have great managerial skills to manage the workload independently. The job is salaried and well paid.

Employment of Bar staff on luxury cruises - Since leisure and parties are the order of the day during a luxury cruise, the bar staff are one the categories of staff who work almost round the clock. Besides serving impeccably mixed drinks, the bars staff are also responsible for the overall ambiance of the bars they serve in. The jobs are salaried, though there is a considerable income through tips.

Bartenders - just as the bar staff, this category of staff are almost always on the call. Under their responsibility comes the mixing of drinks, the cleanliness of the bars and the overall satisfaction of the passengers they serve. Their salaries are small because the income is mostly dependent on the tips they receive.

Bedroom stewards - This type of staff are in charge of the overall cleanliness of the bedrooms. In their line of duty they will need to make the beds, clean the cabins, and attend to any requests of the passengers. This position is an entry-level and usually reserved for persons from developing countries. The work is hard and very demanding, and these people have almost no off throughout the cruise period. The salaries are usually low comparatively, but these staff earn very well from tips.

Gift shop staff - All the luxury cruisers have extremely well equipped gift shops. The candidates for this position do not need to have any previous experience. Those who want to get employment in a good position on a ship, without having any previous ship experience, will do good to apply for this type of vacancy. The gift shop staff usually work for 10-12 hours a day. However, they get off when the ship is in port and they can earn very well through commissions.

Hotel managers - if you want to become a hotel manager on a large ship, the best way is to start somewhere on a small ship and work your way upwards. This job is more a PR cum managerial job than anything else. The Hotel Manager would be responsible of the overall impression the cruise liner want to give the passengers. He/she has to be a good manager, supervisor, socialiser, troubleshooter among others. The candidate will be required to have a hotel management degree and at least 2-3 years experience. The job is very demanding and unless the person is highly organized and skilled, it will be difficult to do justice to this job. The salary is among the best on the ship, but the work is commensurate to it.

Photographer - When on a vacation people love to collect memorabilia of each and every aspect of the trip. Hence, the photographers are in very high demand on any ship. The income of the photographer depends upon the commission he/she makes from the sale of the photos taken. Hence, the photographer, besides being an excellent professional, needs also to be a good salesman so as to persuade the passengers to pose without becoming a pest.

Deck jobs - These job are not usually open for the Americans on large ships; deck hands cover positions such as engineers, maintenance workers and officers. Under these personnel's purview comes the maintenance of the ship and its smooth functioning. The engineers look after the engines of the ship and related equipment. They are required to be qualified and have at least five years experience before being absorbed on a luxury liner. The officers are responsible for the safety of the ship as well as the compliance of the ship with maritime laws and regulations. The ship's treasurer, who also falls under this bracket of personnel, is in charge of accounts, changing currency, tickets, and similar jobs.

Deckhands - these positions are usually taken by people from developing countries because the work is hard and the pay is low comparatively. The deckhands usually take care of all the menial jobs and are busy throughout the cruise. This category of staff is not permitted to disembark when the ship is in port. However, people who start here can move upwards with experience and hard work.

Purser and Assistant pursers - The purser of large ships is a very senior position and involves a lot of responsibility generally connected with cash and accounts. The purser usually has special training at least 5-6 years experience. The pay is high and the perks some of the best. The Assistant Purser is basically an administrative job available at entry level. The assistant purser heads a team of staff such as the night assistant purser, crew assistant purser, gift shop purser, etc. For this position one will need to be a skilled manager and have some background qualification and/or experience in accounts. The working hours are normal and the pay exceptionally good, with the promise of fast career growth. The position involves paid vacations among other perks.