Other Maritime Industry Jobs: Other Ways to Work on the Water

If you are planning a career in a maritime field and are looking for a job involved in helping people and your country, then you have to look for a position in the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard mission is to protect the Unites States public, economic and security interests in all the maritime regions, around the coasts of the country and in all the navigable waters of the United States. If you start a career in the Coast Guard, you could be in charge of going out and rescuing any person or ship that is in distress while out in the open ocean.

Your job within the Coast Guard could be very stressful and demanding, with shifts longer than usual, so you must be extremely motivated when choosing this career. Naturally not all the careers in the Coast Guard are so demanding, and you can find a job that allows you to have a satisfying personal and family life. This article will focus mainly on one of the most famous jobs in the Coast Guard, the Rescue Swimmers.

The Rescue Swimmers of the U.S. Coast Guard are in charge of helping any distressed people in the ocean, in all the possible risky situations. Sometimes they have to perform spectacular rescues, from aircraft, helicopter, or rescue boat. They must have physical skills, a deep knowledge of the waters, and be extremely brave. Another very important skill for this job is the ability of working with other people in very stressful and dangerous situations. When human lives are in danger, being a good teamleader can really make the difference. These people are among the most elite athletes in the nation and must be completely physically fit. The Rescue Swimmer program is comparable to that of the United States Navy Seals program or that of the German Spitnatz.

If you want to be considered for the Rescue Swimmer program, you must first join the Coast Guard. After serving so many months in the United States Coast Guard a perspective candidate must apply for the swimmer program. You must have all the specific pre-requisite, like having excellent swimming skills and knowledge of the ocean. While completing the program you will learn other important skills, like first aid and safety norms. Then you will be ready for the emergency calls. This job is very unforgiving and is one of the best ways to help ones self. There is no other calling than to save a person's life and be able to say that to yourself. It is a very dangerous job, so choosing a career in this field is for unselfish and brave people. Anyway the wages are pretty good, and the pay will raise once you have served for a longer period of time. The United States military benefits are not extraordinary but health benefits are very good. Also the retirement plan is tantalizing: it is possible to retire at the age of fifty after serving thirty years in the military and enjoy your time with a very good pension.