Pai Gow Dealer Employment and Careers

It is a newly introduced game that is fast becoming a very popular gambling activity. The pai gow dealer must make sure that the game is played according to the regulations as set out by the United States governing bodies. The game doesn't give preference to the casino and as such 5% of the winnings must be paid to the gaming house. The pai gow dealer mixes the tiles before each game round and split them in equal packs.

The dealer starts the game by throwing 3 dice in order to establish who should receive the first pack. He must also assist the gamers in reading their tiles. He shows them how to get the tiles in the best order. The dealer may not indicate an amount for betting, since the gamer must decide.

Excellent people and communication knowledge, as well as good counting skills are important. It is a fast game with big tips and a close working relationship between the dealer and the players. The game is still unfamiliar to many players and such a dealer can end up with an empty table for a whole evening at a time.

It is challenging job that requires technical skills in reading and arranging the tiles for the best possible hands. The gamers that play normally stay for hours and are generous with their tips.

How the game is played

There are 32 dot-imprinted tiles. The pai gow dealer puts the tiles in random order and then packs them in groups of 4. He rolls 3 dice and then a player is selected from that total. The player gets a pack and the rest is handed to the other gamers.

The players and dealer provides 2 hands of 4 tiles. The aim is to get 2 hands higher than the bank. Each player gets a turn to be bank. The one who is bank must pay the winnings, but if he wins, he gets al the winnings for the round. The winning hand must have a certain combination. It takes a while to learn the best possible combinations of characters and numbers. There are high and low hands. Two lower hands lose, two higher than the bank hands win, and one higher and one lower hand indicate a draw.

If you are interested in a casino job as a pai gow dealer, you will need special training and be willing to play long hours without a break.