Paid positions on a political campaign

A political campaign often runs most of its work through volunteers. However, there has to be someone who knows that to do and how to get started. Often, those who open and run field offices in counties and in states get paid by the political party that they work for. These are not easy jobs to get nor to work, as there is strong competition for them, it involves commanding dozens of people in a frenzied atmosphere, and the schedule to work can be strenuous.

Closer to the individual who is running for office, there are a number of positions on the campaign, such as the campaign manager and a publicist, that are paid positions. Interest in either a field position or one closer to the candidate can often be expressed through the national political party website or a state website. Sometimes communicating through a candidate's website early on can be advantageous also, but if one does not apply early [like during the primaries or when a political run is first announced], they can almost forget an open position.

Another option is to look to organized labor and business for paid positions. How businesses and labor unions contribute to a political campaign has long been a source of controversy. Often labor unions and larger businesses and corporations will express a stand on a political election that they feel benefits their workers or their industry. It tends to be about money sometimes, too—whichever candidate can benefit their pocketbooks more. Labor unions have been known to take members from their working groups and put them on leave to work on a campaign, paying for their expenses and wages missed; businesses step up the heat sometimes by hiring an internal publicist to keep firing propaganda around and influence voters.

Media outlets are a final option, if one has journalism experience and a degree—being on staff or getting a job through a media company to cover the election issues is another way to earn money during campaign time. If any of these sound like appealing job opportunities, they are often not easily landed and a job seeker has to make their interest known. An updated resume is needed along with some serious research and networking.