Part-Time Computer Jobs to Consider

Many people are looking for part-time computer jobs to consider to supplement their income or update their skills. Thanks to the Internet, there is a wide range of computer related jobs that can be managed on a part-time or freelance basis. Computer jobs, even part-time roles, can typically pay better than other types of entry level jobs and they often offer the ability to work from home. As more businesses depend on computers to process large amounts of data and critical functions, there is expected to be an increase in the number of part-time computer jobs. Here are some popular part-time computer jobs to consider in your search:

Computer Technicians

In any industry there are computers that handle a great deal of the work. When a computer goes down, however, this can pose a major problem and reduce productivity. That’s when part-time and on-call computer technicians come in handy. Computer technicians have specialized skills that enable them to diagnose and troubleshoot errors and failures in computer equipment. There are many opportunities for computer technicians to work part-time as independent agents or for computer repair companies. Generally, computer technicians should have a high school diploma plus certification from an approved computer repair program.

Technical Support

Technical support representatives are available to assist clients over the phone with computer problems or questions. Technical support personnel work in call centers and provide live support to customers. Generally, they have at least two years of specialized training and experience with providing this support, aided by computer generated support systems and co-workers. Many support technicians are able to work part-time and earn generous wages for their expertise.

Internet Raters

One of the more recent developments in computer work is that of the Internet rater job. This part-time job involves reviewing websites to determine if the content is valid and if links are operating correctly for users. Internet raters are in high demand by companies striving to have quality websites that rank high with users and take advantage of search engine optimization. Internet raters can work from home and are generally offered a flat rate per website viewed. No special skills are needed to perform this job, except above average experience with Internet browsers and a sharp eye for detail.

Website Developers

If you like creating websites for others, then a part-time computer job as a website developer may be the perfect gig for you. While website development requires training beyond that of the average computer user, it can be a rewarding career option. Most web developers must know HTML code well, and learn how to manipulate web site design and coding platforms. Web developers may also need to have the ability to access databases and servers in order to bypass security features on corporate websites. Website developers make higher than average earnings for part-time computer jobs and are in high demand by companies of all sizes around the world.