Part Time Jobs for Teenagers

As soon as you step into your teens you will feel the difference in your persona. You will more important, wiser and more rearing to go out there and make your mark in the world. With the teens unfolding, you will feel the need of independence from your parents, and even sometimes your best friends. You will also feel a deep urge to be self-sufficient to as much extent possible. Self-sufficiency comes with responsibility and money.

Responsibility is something you gain with age and experience and cash is something you earn with a job. J-O-B what a small yet powerful word! This is what can make all the difference in your life. A J-O-B. This is what can give you wings. Of course being a teenager, and a full time student you can take up a normal 9-to-5 job. But you can any timework part time. And this is what millions of teenagers do every year, all over the world, i.e. take up part time jobs, which help them to grow up both personally and professionally.

Now, you will ask, 'how can I get a part time job'? Not a big deal at all, if you follow the basic unwritten rules for it:

Network heavily:
The best way to land a first part-time job is to inform all your elder well-wishers about your decision seriously and in earnest. Your parents should be the first to know (and may be the happiest too). Then you could tell your teacher, your grocery store keeper, your postman, your bus conductor and so on. The idea is to let people who know you look out for you and preferably recommend you for a job when it comes to their notice.

Have a resume ready:
When you offer your services to those who do not know you too well, you will need something concrete to show for your skills and aptitude. Hence, you need a resume where you explain your skills, capabilities, and strengths (include hobbies and preferences). You always give two references (who know that you are using their name as reference) of adults who are not related to you, so the prospective employer can get a first hand information on your efficiency and nature for a good decision.

Be clean and neatly dressed: As a person who seeks a job, you need to inspire confidence and belief that you are a responsible person. You will not go very far on that line of thought if you are dirty, uncombed and with badly coordinated clothes.

Limit your areas of search:
Do not venture beyond a maximum 5-6 km radius from your house even if you have a cycle. Studying being your first priority a far way job, will kill too much time in commuting.

Don't get disappointed:
You may not get a job within a week and maybe a month from your decision of taking up a job. Do not get upset. The first part-time job takes a little longer to land ' but after that you will be a veteran and getting a job will be cakewalk. This is why however, for the first job you need to be networked well.

Use the services of the local agencies:

All localities have local newsletters and placement agencies. Be sure you enlist their help in your search for the first part time job.

Use the power of the word of mouth: Tell everyone you see and are in contact with that you are looking for a job. In the course of the day a person meets a minimum 35 people (on an average working day) ' think of the power of the word of mouth!

Be positive!:
Maintain a sunny disposition. People are highly attracted to teenagers who are happy and have a sunny disposition. Your chances are double when you look and behave happy!