Part time jobs

Looking for your first part time job can be a stilling challenging, but it definitely is not an impossible task. When job experience, interviews and resumes seems to be staring straight at you, finding that part-time job can definitely be a daunting task. So how do we get about finding that first job?


The first most important aspect that has to be sorted out would be preparing your self for the job-hunting journey. Know that there will be hardships and disappointments but always be on the look out for the silver lining in the dark clouds.


Contradicting the common belief that part-time jobs don't need a resume, it is always advisable to compose a simple resume that could be used for your application.

This will be highly useful for two specific reasons.

  1. It gives your prospective employer a sense of belief that you have put some effort into looking for a job.
  2. It categorically organizes your specialties for you employer to remember about you. This is true even if you have no prior work experience; it still gives an idea of who you are and about your abilities.


When you leave out to look for for a part time job, look as presentable as possible. You don't have to dress up as if to go for a ball, but remember that a well dressed person will have a much more appealing first impression.

Listing out places to apply

Do a bit of research to look for places that you want to apply.

Looking through the classified in the new papers and browsing the internet, going through the search engines for Part time Jobs can lead you to many openings that you would have missed out before.

The conventional way of talking a walk down town and checking up add posts for help wanted still remain a very useful way to look for part time jobs as well. Even walking into places you like or think is potentially in need of an extra hand is acceptable.

Be ready for some 'denials'

Be prepared for some 'no's' from employers, but don't let this get you down.

Always a polite-'Thank you Sir, but please let me know if there is any opening' along with your resume, can strike you gold later on.

Approaching potential employers

Always approach the potential work places in a manner of maturity and responsibility.

Every employer looks for certain qualities as soon as you walk through there door. One of most desirable of those would be communicating skills and being responsible.

Follow up

This could very well be reasoned as one of the most important parts for you getting a job.

Many a times employers look for the ability of candidates to follow up with there customers and clients. Hence the ability of following up on your application can go a long way in parting a good impression on your prospective employer.

Finally, always be positive and look at the bright side in the whole experience.