Personal shopper during the christmas shopping

For some people, shopping during the holidays is exiting and fun; while for others it is a chore they would rather hand off to more able, and less hectic hands. This is where some simple cash as a personal shopper during the holidays can give you extra for bills and presents.

The Professional Shopper

This type of service rose in demand due to society becoming increasingly busy and hurried. It is easy to find work as a personal shopper during the holidays, especially with higher end shops and clients. Personal shoppers specialize in a wide variety of areas:

  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Furnishings
  • Jewelry
  • Toys

The range is almost limitless. Some of the many shopping needs can be any one of the following:

  • Shopping for busy families
  • Shopping for designer items for wealthier clients
  • Finding gifts that companies can give their clients and employees
  • Grocery shopping and finding other needed items for senior citizens
  • Buying Christmas presents

The Employment

Personal shoppers can work holidays in different fields.

  • Boutiques, department stores or malls
  • Busy executives who need to gifts for employees and family
  • Special events needing gift bags such as awards banquets or conferences.

The personal shopper is most likely employed by a store to help customers who ask for personalized service. In this manner you would double as a fashion coordinator to help with attire for single events or entire seasons. If not employed by a store, you would be self-employed and need to find your own clients through research or advertising.

Online Shoppers

The online version of the personal shopper spends holiday time searching for items on the internet for their clients. The online shopper is usually a freelance position. Usually this service will receive a request from a client about a product or service which you would then locate and inform the client when the item is found. The client would then pay you for this information.


Most personal shoppers need to have some idea of the following to make a success of this type of work.

  • Latest trends
  • Fashion
  • Customer preferences
  • Color coordination
  • Where to find things

During the holiday season, a personal shopper can be extremely busy. If you love to shop, the crowds and the excitement of finding that perfect item this can be a fun and rewarding job. As for long term opportunities, this is one type of work that, if done properly, can lead to more employment options outside of the Christmas season.