Pest Control Technician Job Profile

The job of pest control technician is one that is not often considered as a potential career. However, it can provide you with a rewarding career as well as job security for the future. Here are the basics of being a pest control technician and what you should expect out of the job.

Becoming a Pest Control Technician

There is not a specific educational path that is designed for becoming a pest control technician. However, most companies will require you to at least have a high school diploma. You can also improve your chances of getting a job by getting a bachelors degree in chemistry, biology, or math. If you plan on becoming a termite exterminator, you should also have a good understanding of carpentry. If you are going to be using restricted-use pesticides, you will have to obtain a special license from the state in which you live.

Basic Tasks

A pest control technician can perform a variety of tasks associated with eliminating pests in customers homes and businesses. Many times, a pest control technician will utilize spraying techniques in order to get rid of the desired pests. Pest control technicians will work to eliminate rats, mice, termites, spiders, cockroaches, ants, fleas, bees, and wasps. Pest control technicians will also utilize certain traps in order to catch their targets and remove them. If you are a termite exterminator, you will have to drill holes in walls or floors in order to get the proper pesticides to the termites.

Many exterminators will travel a certain route regularly. They might frequent the same customers and go through a spraying routine for them. This allows them to practice prevention methods as well as eliminating pests that are already in the home. A pest control technician has to be able to effectively get rid of small animals that can be dangerous at times. Pest control technicians will come into an area and try to determine the best course of action for removing the pests. They will then put into place a plan in order to remove the pests in a timely manner. 

Work Schedule

Most pest control technicians will work a certain schedule that gives them 40 hours per week. However, many pest-control technicians will have to be on call and work whenever a customer calls. Pests will often cause problems on the weekends or late at night, and this means that pest control technicians will have to work odd hours.


The average pest control technician will earn approximately $30,000 per year.

Opportunities for Advancement

Pest control technicians often work for larger companies. Therefore, there is some opportunity for advancement in this field. Pest control technicians could eventually work their way up into a management role within the company. Sometimes, they will also be recruited by other extermination companies in the area that need employees. Typically, you will have to work in the industry for several years and gain experience before being able to advance.