Pet Groomer Job Profile

A person can begin as pet groomer career with little experience. The hours of a groomer are usually good and there is plenty of work in the field


A person can begin a career as a pet groomer with either on-the-job training or a six to ten week course at a state licensed school. On the job training will probably begin with washing and drying and working in a shop as an apprentice. At a school, you will have training and get hands-on experience with many different types of animals. The school will provide a controlled setting with the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers.

Hours and Salary

Depending on the location, a pet groomer will have different hours. If pet groomer works in a veterinary office, they will usually office hours with only one or two late nights a week, and usually no weekends. If they work in a salon, they may begin working at 7 am, and finish at 7 pm. Also, Saturdays are usually required. Retail stores usually keep 9 to 9 hours and are open weekends. The groomer is usually assigned to different shifts.

All work locations may not have full-time shifts. Most establishments try to book groomers during peak hours or employ on-call groomers.

Salaries for pet groomers are not high and most pet groomers made approximately eight to nine dollars an hour.


Pet groomers wash, dry and style the coat of many types of animals. The most common pet is the dog, but many facilities will also groom cats. The groomer will also trim the nails, fur or coat and clean their ears.

This job is physically demanding, with bending over and stooping down to animals to clean them, as well as lifting animals and moderately heavy shower hoses. If they are accustomed to grooming, some animals can be quite docile, while others are nervous and high strung.

Also, you will be required to handle pet urine and feces, depending on how nervous an animal is, or the conditions requiring grooming. You will also use electric shears and scissors during the course of the day, so steady hands and a soothing manner are also a requirement.

Opportunities to Advance

Some experienced groomers will become self-employed, either working as mobile groomers or by owning their own shops. In either situation, you will need to purchase grooming tables, soaps, shampoos, scissors, trimmers, nail clippers and hoses for bathing. Also, you will need to pay for advertising to generate clients.

Some groomers will work to prepare animals for dog or cat shows, usually by specializing in particular breeds or coat cut requirements for each breed. Other groomers will supplement their income by pet sitting, or by running a kennel or dog daycare as an extension of their salon facilities.