Pet Industry Jobs: 5 Jobs to Consider

Over the years, pet owners looking for specialty products have created many pet industry jobs. From veterinary and animal hospitals to doggy daycares, grooming salons and large pet product retail stores, the pet market has expanded to include multitude of choices. If you are an animal lover and want to work in the fun pet care industry, then here are five pet industry jobs to consider:

Sales Jobs in the Pet Industry

If you love working with the public, you may be perfect for a sales job in the pet industry. Many pet companies rely on skilled sales professionals to assist customers with their pet supply purchases. From retail locations to commercial pet product manufacturers, sales jobs in the pet industry are in demand. Most sales representatives have at least a high school diploma and have some experience in sales or promotions. Sales representatives in the pet industry focus on promoting and selling pet products to consumers both in the private sector and to commercial suppliers.

Animal Daycare and Training Careers 

If you love to care and play with animals, working in an animal daycare, kennel or training facility may be a great opportunity for you. As many more busy employees and travelers adopt pets, they are relying on skilled pet care associates who work with animals in training and daycare facilities when they cannot be with them.

Many animal daycare employees have a background in caring for their own or their neighbors' pets. The only real requirement to work as a pet daycare associate is the desire to keep animals safe and occupied. Animal trainers work more closely with the behavior of pets so they require a background in successfully teaching animals.

Pet Salons and Grooming Jobs

Pet salons perform bathing and beauty services for pampered pets. They often work as groomers too, trimming and styling the fur of pets for their owners' needs or for pet shows.

In order to become a pet salon or groomer, it's important to have at least a high school diploma, an interest in pets and getting trained by an approved salon or grooming program. The training programs are generally offered by adult vocational schools.

Veterinary Pet Care

Many pet lovers dream about caring for the medical and wellness needs of animals as a skilled veterinarian. Veterinary careers are akin to human medical jobs in that there are different levels of training, education, skills and responsibilities required in this exciting field. While there are entry level jobs available as veterinary office staff and vet technicians, advanced training is required to become a licensed veterinary assistant or veterinarian. This can often take years in a regionally approved program, but the results are a rewarding high paying career helping keep pets healthy.

Breeding and Pet Shows

In recent years, pet shows and breeders have begun to share the spotlight as consumers are demanding more purebred animals to become their family pets. Breeders specialize in one particular breed of animal and then ensure that healthy litters are delivered by carefully monitored parents. Many breeders then sell their prized pets to private owners or people who show these beautiful animals in contests.