Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Career Info

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are sales people, customer relations people, and administrators. A pharmaceutical sales representative’s job is based on orders and good business sense.

The work environment

Pharmaceutical sales representatives usually work for wholesalers or manufacturers in regions or urban areas, dealing with a set of existing clients and new client prospects.

The general process of business for pharmaceutical sales representatives is:

Clients make orders on line or by phone, and most of their queries are routed through these sales systems. The sales rep deals with the area orders, and may also liaise directly regarding any issues. This is a largely administrative role, in which the sales rep acts as a salesperson, re-ordering or tracking orders for the customer.

New business clients:
The supplier will usually locate new businesses in the pharmaceutical sales representative’s area. There’s a degree of “cold canvassing” in this part of the job. The new clients are either pharmacists and retailers, and they can be a highly resistant client base for new business. They tend to stick to known brands and suppliers. The pharmaceutical sales representative will usually make phone contact and arrange for an appointment to speak to the buyer or manager.