Pharmacist Job Market Trends

The pharmacist job market is doing quite well in the recent times. It is believed that the job market is believed to experience a significant hike during the period of 2004 and 2014. The best part of the news lies in the fact that the number of pharmacists required will be must higher than then degrees awarded by various institutions, which means more jobs and good career prospects. An increasing number of students are enrolling for various pharmacy programs. The main reason as to why students are attracted towards this profession is nothing else but good career opportunities.

Career Prospects and Job Openings

Career experts believe that though many students are enrolling for pharmacy programs and being awarded with degrees, still the demand for people will be more than the supply. Till the year 2014, the job openings in this profession will be much more when compared to other occupations. This is also due to the fact that the growing elderly populace requires more pharmaceuticals than ever. The people in the middle and older age brackets consume more prescription drugs than the younger generation. So the need for experienced pharmacists will continue to be there in all kinds of employment settings.

Health, Pharmacy and Research

The job market for pharmacists will also open up due to the fact that many scientific researched have paved way for the availability of new and useful drugs. Also, researched are being conducted across the globe on medication distribution systems as well as genome research. The customers also seek valid information regarding the drugs that they are prescribed to use. Furthermore, the coverage of drugs by several health insurance policies demands the presence of pharmacists.

Hospital Management and Pharmacy

However, it should be noted that the requirement for pharmacists in hospitals will be experiencing a downward curve. This is due to the fact that the hospitals are making undying efforts to reduce the in-house stay for patients as well as curbing down the workforce in order to manage the administration in a cost-effective way. The outpatient surgeries are increasing day by day and patients are being discharged on an immediate basis. They are also purchasing their drugs and other medication facilities from the supermarkets, or through retailers at a much lower price. The online pharmacies are also making it difficult for the hospitals to increase their work strength and thereby hire more pharmacists. Orders collected through email or via the internet are accumulated in a centrally chosen location and the drugs are then shipped to the patients at a bare minimum cost.

The community pharmacists are also striving to manage larger volumes of prescriptions. It is for sure that when drug dispensing will start functioning automatically and the hiring of pharmacy technicians will take place, it will be a win-win situation for one and all. 

New Opportunities in Pharmacy

The emergence of new opportunities for pharmacies is mostly witnessed in the managed care groups. Here they are responsible for analyzing the trends and usage of various medications. Also, the benefits and the cost from these medications are analyzed in order to provide the much-needed help in the research and development of new drugs. For those pharmacists that have experience in research and disease management is exposed to a larger number of job openings. Another kind of opening that has popped up for the pharmacists include pharmacy informatics. Here the pharmacists make use of information technology in order to improve patient cure and care.

Thus, we see that the job markets for pharmacists will continue to be on the rise in the approaching times as new opportunities are seen emerging out of the horizon.