Pharmacy Tech Job Market Trends

The pharmacy tech job market is huge, and the general indicators for the industry predict continued expansion. This is not, however, a simple job market. There are a range of types and areas of employment, which you should check out in terms of job options.

Employers and Roles

There are several basic streams in the pharmacy tech job market:

  • Retail: The most common job type, retail commonly includes part-time work.
  • Hospitals: A major employer, with the hospital culture as the work environment, doesn’t suit everyone.
  • Manufacturers: This is an industry-based role, which contains a lot of career options, particularly if you intend to upgrade your qualifications.

The types of jobs are also indicative of the basic roles:

  • Retail worker: This is valuable experience for those interested in developing their careers or opening their own pharmacies. Retail will provide you with good all-round experience, and job mobility is high.
  • Hospital pharmacy tech: The hospital pharmacies are valuable as skills developers, and they include experience with the most modern pharmaceuticals.
  • Manufacturing pharmacy tech: At the industrial level, pharmaceuticals are big business, and this experience is invaluable in terms of a career in this field. It’s a particularly good job option if you’re looking at higher qualifications too.
  • Instructors: For expert pharmacy techs, instructing can be a positive career step in terms of developing credentials. The instructor role is also upgrading due to the increase in jobs and expansion of the sector.
  • Data entry worker: This is a systems job, and it does have an upside in terms of working with the many new systems entering the industry. It can also lead to a range of promotional positions in this field.
  • Salesperson: This role is a departure from the primary pharmacy tech job, but it’s an important one, and your pharmacy tech training and experience can be an excellent job asset in terms of working in the sales field.

The Pharmacy Tech Job Market

Currency of experience in particular fields is affected by job streams. That makes moving between streams a potential issue. You should work on a career goal and balance the employment issues against the career situation.

The current pharmacy tech job market, however, may be a good environment for those seeking to broaden their horizons. Employment in this area is expected to increase by up to 25 percent in the coming decade. If that happens, job options should be available across the board.

In this environment, the best approach is a combination of training and qualifications integrated with experience in your preferred field. The high demand for pharmacy tech jobs will support your career moves, so you can expect to achieve both good employment and career progression.

Current Openings in the Pharmacy Tech Job Market

For a good look at the current pharmacy tech job market, check out Hospital Jobs Online, a U.S. site which specializes in the health sector. You can search by location, too. (Note: This is a “sign-in” site, but it’s worth it. The site also has a job matching service, so it’s useful to bookmark for your job hunting.)