Photo Department jobs on a cruise ship

Each ship has its own photographing unit and department. It is the duty of this unit to see that the passengers are having a good time and will want to capture that lovely time on the reel. It is difficult in today's world of digital cameras and videocams, photographs kid of took a back seat. This is where the Photo Manager, the Assistant Photo Manager and the Photographer need to also market their wares.

Marketing however, should be done at a very careful pace and with great tact you should be insistent without crossing the limit to being a pest. The passengers should see it as a great way to do it, rather than being cornered into using this service.

The following are the positions details of this departments:

  • Photo manager he/she is in charge of the whole department; he/she will have to exceptionally well versed in English and will need to be in constant touch with the public. The salary range earmarked for this position is around -2700 per month, plus commission.
  • Assistant Photo Manager This person will be the sole in charge of the day-to-day activities of the Department. He/she will be responsible for raising revenue for the ship with the help of the photographs that should be taken all over the ship for the passengers. The salary for this position is between to 2400, plus commission. The position can be promoted to that of the Photo manager within 2-3 years of work.
  • Photographer This person is in charge of taking photographs. The incumbent will be required to have at least 2 years of experience and a very good command over English language. The salary ranges between -2100 plus commission. This position is promotable to the next, i.e. assistant photo manager.