Poker Dealer Jobs and employment

The game is normally played in private game rooms. There is only one poker dealer for each game. He exchanges cash for betting chips, shuffles the deck, deals, monitors the bets, indicates the order of play, and checks whether the winning hand is right. The poker dealer acts as referee. The game requires a lot of skill and technique and the poker dealer thus needs special training. The employee must be patient and be able to work with people, use both hands with equal ease, and have good counting skills.

This type of casino job pays well, usually between and an hour plus tips. The players tip large amounts because of huge winnings. It is normally played by risk takers and the more affluent people.

Background on Poker

Poker originated in the 1600's in Persia when it was played as the 5 card game. It spread to France and the America and became a popular gambling activity on the riverboats. It is played by more than 60 million Americans.

It entails two packs of cards that make up one deck. There are several types of poker such as high hand and low hand, stud poker and five-card. The main aim of the game is to get the best combination of cards according to game rules based on hands of five playing cards. You get flush, straight flush, two pair royal flush and more.

The game involves luck, skill and bluffs. People who play poker learn to read faces and body language. The aim is to get the pot; that is the cash in the centre of the table. Each player gets five cards and can then bet, call, raise or fold.

The main purpose of the poker dealer is the monitoring of the game and to prevent cheating.