Political internships

Political internships can be a great way to gain relevant career experience or to decide if a career in the political sector is something you truly are interested in. They can be difficult to find however, if you do not know where to begin your search.

For college students, one major resource can be the college career center. Often they possess links to local and regional businesses and organizations and may be able to help a student find an internship.

This should not be the only avenue to try-also seek out the help of professors and friends, who through their own personal networks may be able to help you find the ideal internship. Try checking via the internet through local organizations, labor unions, and political parties as they sometimes have openings for an intern as well.

Of course, do not overlook major job boards but also do not spend loads of time on them either. It is best to research companies and organizations directly and contact them rather than using job boards. Volunteer work can also bring about opportunities, so if you volunteered in the past, it might be wise to bring out an old contact sheet and make a few phone calls. Hopefully if you have volunteered in the past in anything political, you took careful notes and retained contact information for the people you met during that time.

The most difficult part can be finding that internship. Once you obtain one, though, treat it as professionally as a regular job, even if the internship is unpaid. All duties should be done to the best of your ability, showing up on time is important, and getting along with peers should be a focus. Try to retain contacts as friends even when the internship is over. Sometimes an internship can turn into a job later, or one of those people you met during the internship can help you find a job later, so long as you did an excellent job during your service.

Again, keeping these contacts in a notebook with a short note about how you know them and their most current contact information is wise, as it helps when networking for the perfect political job later.