Post College Life

Life after college can be very difficult for students everywhere. Everything changes after you graduate. There are no more late nights knowing that you do not have to be at class until 2. Oh no, life after college means more responsibility. But before you can take that responsibility head on, you need to address a few key issues in your life. Don't worry, if you examine these issues, life after college will not be as hard as you anticipate!

  • The first decision to make after you graduate is pretty simple. What do you want to do with your life? Life after college can be difficult if you do not have a direction in which you want to go. Hopefully you want to pursue a career choice that coincides with your college major. After deciding what career path you want to follow, put together a plan and get started!
  • Going along with issue number one, the next problem may arise if you wish to attend graduate school. Before making a commitment of going back to school for another two plus years, be sure to examine your current situation. Do you have the time to stay in school? Do you have the financing available? Will it benefit you in any way? Do not jump into graduate school just because you do not feel like getting a 9-5 job. Make an informed, educated decision.
  • School is over, which means it is time to say good bye to your apartment. So where are you going to live now? You have two options. First off you can get a job and get a place of your own. This is the route that most students would love to take; unfortunately it is not always possible. Your second option would be to move back in with your parents. Keep in mind that this will definitely take some adjusting to make this transition. You have to get used to taking orders from your parents, and helping out around the house. But living at home does have some advantages. While working full-time, if you live at home, you can save a whole lot of money in a short amount of time.
  • If your are offered a job out of town would you take it? This issue faces students every year. Just because you went to school on the west coast does not mean you have to work there. Again, weigh all of your options and make the best decision for your current situation.
  • A budget can be very scary for a student experiencing life after college. While in school you never had to worry about keeping track of your check book. After you graduate you will have a couple of decisions to make. Should you buy a new car or rent an apartment, or should you start to pay off your student loans? Again, both sides have advantages and disadvantages.
  • Make a good first impression. Though life after college will feel much different than what you are used to, you need to remember to make a good impression on everyone from here on out. This is particularly important in job interviews. And it does not stop there. After you ace your interview and obtain your dream job, you need to impress your peers every day of the week!

Setting a plan for these six issues will make your life after college much easier. Remember to make educated, informed decisions and you will be just fine!