Preschool Teacher Career Description

The preschool teacher career description is provided to help those who enjoy working with children and would like to pursue a career working in a preschool environment. In schools around the world, preschool teachers play an important role in shaping the young minds of the future. Preschool teachers support the development of social and educational development of young children between the ages of 18 months to 5 years old, to prepare them for the challenges of school. If you are considering a job as a preschool teacher, you will want to check with local agencies on preschool education on specific state or local requirements; however here is an overview of preschool teaching to help you get started.

General Duties of the Preschool Teacher

Preschool teachers are responsible to care for the well-being of children in their care in addition to providing stimulating learning activities in order to help them develop their social and educational skills. In most pre-schools, teachers plan a series of learning activities based on the physical and cognitive ability of children from different age groups. Preschool teachers are experienced in actively engaging children in different activities to help them learn basic concepts and social skills in order to prepare them for higher learning in the public or private educational system. In addition, they must provide a safe environment where children learn boundaries and respect for one another.

Requirements for Work as a Preschool Teacher

In many regions, preschool teachers must attend some form of training that will prepare them for working with children in a preschool setting. In addition to having a high school diploma, many preschool teachers are trained on-the-job through a series of classes and hands-on work with children. Some preschool teachers choose to take outside college or university classes in early childhood education and child psychology in order to obtain a Bachelors level degree in education. Preschool teachers who plan to teach special needs children also need additional training to best meet the needs of children who have challenging physical or emotional problems. Preschool teachers are also required to undergo a criminal background check and must be healthy enough to work with children daily.

What to Expect While Working as a Preschool Teacher

The average day of a preschool teacher begins early, with many working long daytime hours. While some preschool teachers choose to work part time, many work full time or in split shifts in order to be available around working parents’ needs. Preschool teachers must be physically able to handle the challenges of working with children of all ages. They must be able to stand, walk, run, bend, and lift often as well as sit on the floor on a frequent basis to be at the level of small children.

Being a preschool teacher also takes a great deal of compassion and patience as children can often be difficult to manage and have demanding needs. The best preschool teachers are able to balance being gentle yet firm with children, yet maintaining a joyful positive personality for the benefit of the children they care for. The outlook for preschool teachers is higher than average growth and wages are generally in the neighborhood of $21,000-$26,000 USD annually.