Project Manager Job Profile

The project manager job profile, succinctly stated, is to set objectives, plan, implement and complete the project within the stipulated time-frame and ideally without cost overruns. Further, the project manager must be able to optimally utilize all available resources and effectively coordinate the activities of all project stake holders, team members, external agencies and consultants throughout the project’s tenure.

Nature of Duties

  • Set out the project objectives, chalk out the project plan and constantly monitor work progress.
  • Apply necessary correctives and revise the plan whenever necessary in keeping with the changing needs.
  • Obtain the required monetary, human and other resources and assign individual responsibility to team members, outside agencies, suppliers and contractors and coordinate all their activities.
  • Strictly apply the chosen methodology and oversee quality standards and ensure observance of safety norms
  • Ensures project documents are meticulously maintained, stored properly and made accessible to concerned persons.
  • Assume responsibility for complete project accounting and scrupulously adhere to budget norms

Other Competencies

The project manager must understand the basics of finance management, cost-benefit analysis, invoicing procedures, account receivables, sundry creditors, profitability and other related finance functions He must be in a fit position to fulfill all legal formalities and comply with statutory requirements.

The project manager must enjoy good communication skills and be able to conduct effectively conduct review meetings and correspond with all outsource agencies and regularly apprise stakeholders about project progress. The project manager must be capable of reorienting priorities, rescheduling project work and problem-solving skills. The project manager must undertake periodic performance evaluations of all team members and train those with less experience.

The project manager must have a fair knowledge of computer applications, programming, maintaining data base, providing management information system and familiarity with project management software. The project manager must be able to lead, organize, motivate and coordinate the activities of all team members and all persons associated with the project. It is necessary for the project manager to have an analytical bent of mind to suggest to higher management areas for improvement and possible solutions to likely problems.

Career Prospects

There are various gradations of project management, and a person may be designated as Junior or Senior Project Manager depending on the size, duration, magnitude and scope of projects to be handled. A fresher can expect to be gradually promoted to manage larger projects – provided he is able to create a successful track record of handling projects. An experienced and competent project manager can aspire for promotion to a senior management position, such as a Group Manager or even a company Director.

Miscellaneous Requirements

A project manager must be willing to work unmindful of the clock and spend long hours at site for meting project deadlines. Some projects may entail travel to meet clients, outsource agencies and offsite staff members.

Project Managers should possess a university degree and prescribed years of experience in project work. It is preferable that a Project Manager has additional Project Management Training and a certificate from some recognized project management institute.