Public Relations Degree Job Options

A public relations degree can open up many job opportunities. Every private business, political campaign, government agency and nonprofit must pay attention to public opinion. The skills that come with acquiring a public relations degree make graduates prime candidates for dealing with public relations issues for almost any organization. Public relations can be used for many different reasons including gaining support for an issue, building rapport with voters, creating better relationships between employees and administration, and even by increasing sales through the engagement of a client base. Public relations are vital to the success of every type of organization, and therefore most graduates with a public relations degree will have their choice of which field to work in. 

Private Sector

Public Relations majors can look forward to finding job opportunities with many private businesses. Corporations generally have an entire department devoted to communications and public relations. By joining this department you would be responsible for creating newsletters, speaking to the press, engaging in social media and even hosting conference or giving speeches. The private sector typically pays their public relations employees more than any of the other fields listed here. 

Political Campaign

Political campaigns are essentially only as good as their public relations team. Public Relations majors can apply for positions as public relations directors, communication directors or a staff level public relations team member. Depending on the size of the political campaign, this person may be responsible for communicating with all forms of media, speaking at public events, and even calling potential constituents. It is the job of the public relations team to create a positive view of the political candidate, and if necessary, refute any negativity from competition. If the campaign is successful, you will likely be able to work for the newly elected official, or join the campaign of another political figure. 

Government Agency

Public opinion is important even after political campaigns are over. In order for politicians to continue to be reelected, they must maintain a good relationship with their constituents. People with public relations degrees can take jobs in the government where they would work toward promoting government initiatives. As these people interact with the community, and teach citizens about a specific program or initiative, they are able to gain feedback. It is their job to take this feedback and work with other members of their agency to adjust programs as necessary. By keeping the public informed, the government agency is able to continue to create initiatives that are tailored to the needs of society.

Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations seek people with a public relations degrees to advance their mission. Most nonprofits are unable to pay large salaries, but there are typically great opportunities to advance. Public relations degrees are useful to nonprofits because their revenue typically comes from donations and fundraisers. As a result, it is imperative that the public understand the goals and actions of the organization.