Public relations jobs in football

Have you always wanted a job in professional sports? Did you attend college with the purpose of garnering a degree that can be put to use in the professional sports world? Do you have a degree in public relations? If so, finding a job in the sport of football as a public relations person can be a daunting task. Hopefully we can provide some tips on how to successfully land that job in the public relations field in the sport of football.

Public relations entails just that; relating to the public. You are the go between for the team and its adoring fans. The public relations department helps the team make a name for itself in the community and calm things down when inappropriate news about the team is making headlines. One of the best places to find a public relations job in football is via the National Football League's website or the site of each individual team. If there are job openings these sites will post the jobs and the requirements for applying and the experience required in the field that the applicant should have.

If you are still attending college, a great way to get a leg up in the industry is to apply for an internship as a Public Relations Intern. A Public Relations Intern will assist members of the team's Public Relations department in everyday aspects that help to run the organization. The intern will also act as a liaison between the team and the local and national media, including radio, television and print outlets regarding player interviews and access to the locker room during the week and following games.

If you do take on a public relations internship with the National Football League or one of its teams, this will provide you with the perfect real world experience of how a PR person is supposed to handle their day to day duties and how they should handle themselves around big name sports stars. Also, as with an internship in any industry, it might lead to a full-time job with the team as a Public Relations person.

If searching through the National Football League's website and the sites of the teams doesn't return satisfactory results, then enter the term ‘public relations personnel' in any search engine on the Internet. Thousands of results will come back at you and you can begin narrowing your search for a public relations job in football. Plowing through these websites can be a daunting task and can overwhelm someone searching for such an important job for the first time.

Aside from the National Football League website and the sites of each individual team, another site out there that can help you in your job search is Work In Sports. This site allows prospective employees to post their resume and cover letter in their database while also browsing through the open jobs for each team. This site does charge a fee. The site also allows prospective employers to search for prospective employees via their resumes and cover letters.