Radiologist Career Facts

When doctors have to diagnose an illness, they turned to medical imaging technology in order to look inside the patient’s body. To get these images, they go through specialized technicians, called a radiologist. They are experts in the field of image technologies.

Job description

With the help of medical imaging technologies and medical imaging technicians, radiologists use imaging technology in order to see what’s happening inside a patient’s body. There are many different technologists available which include x-rays, ultrasound, CT scanners and magnetic imaging. These technologies have become very efficient in the last decade. The mew technology has increased demand for radiologists in the healthcare field.

When radiologists are consulted, they must direct and recommend the correct type of technology in order to fix the problem. They decide on the best angle and position in order to take the image and get the best possible view of the area where the problem is occurring. Once images have been made, radiologists interpret the results and complete their findings through tests and knowledge. Radiologists can look at places of the body such as the chest, head, neck, muscles or the stomach.

Working conditions

Radiologists are usually employed full-time and work five days out of the week. Their hours are usually 40 to 50 hours per week. This number will vary depending on experience and location. Radiologists who work in hospitals may need to work evenings and weekend shifts in order to meet the needs of patients and may have to cover other doctors.

In addition to the scheduled workweek, they are often on call in case of emergencies, which makes it difficult to try to balance a career with their family and so many working hours can be exhausting on a person.


Radiologists work in a variety of different areas, such as hospitals, clinics or nursing homes. The income level of a radiologist will depend on the area where they work. Other factors include experience, specialty and whether they’re self-employed. During their first year of residency in the radiology, doctors can earn anywhere between 40,000 and 50,000 per year. This amount increases each year thereafter.  Generally speaking, the most common salaries are anywhere between 100,00 to 400,000 per year. For those who work in senior positions at the hospital’s in big cities, they can earn close to 500,000 year. Most radiologists receive benefits such as pension plans, dental coverage and life insurance.


Radiologists need to be good students. After obtaining to three years of university or a four year bachelor program in radiology, you need to apply to medical school. In order to do this, you need to pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Medical schools will consider you based on your test results and university grades. Medical schools require a period of practical on-the-job training which is called the residency. Residences take place in hospitals or other medical areas. It usually takes five years to complete residency. After this established time, you must write an exam in order to become certified as a radiologist.