Realtor Job Profile

A realtor has a tremendous impact on the lives of their customers. They help prospective home buyers find their homes and they also assist sellers maximize their profit from their home once they are ready to sell. Most people are unfamiliar with the job of a realtor. A realtor is strictly defined as a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors.


The term "realtor" is trademarked by NAR. The general public often uses the term for any real estate professional, even if they are not members of the NAR. The term can also be used for property managers, or appraisers, who are NAR members.

In most cases, a realtor is an intermediary between the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. The property can be either residential or commercial. In addition to helping with the sale of property, the realtor offers many other services and assistance in preparing the property and related paperwork. Many realtors develop close relationships with their clients to help them get through very important moments in their lives.

Buyers agent

When a realtor works on behalf of a property buyer, they must consult closely with the buyer to find out exactly what kind of property they are looking for. Then, they must carefully search for an available property that coincides with their desires. Once a home is found, the realtor negotiates on behalf of the buyer. The negotiation process can be difficult and time-consuming. A realtor usually serves to offer emotional assurance to the buyer. The realtor also helps with paperwork, such as gaining title to the property and registering the property with its new occupants. Many realtors also offer personal touches to help new buyers settle in to their new home and neighborhood.

Sellers agent

The duties for a realtor helping a seller are quite different. In this case, the realtor will help "touch up" the property. They will then make sure that property is listed in the Multiple Listing Service, in print and online. Fliers and brochures are prepared to make sure the property is shown in an attractive manner and a "For Sale" sign is placed on the front lawn of the property. The realtor will also show prospective buyers the property. A sellers agent will also negotiate a sales price for the best possible price. As with realtors assisting buyers, part of the job is soothing the nerves of anxious sellers.

Realtor salary

The realtor salary can vary greatly, depending on factors, such as location, experience, and the time that a realtor chooses to work. Commercial property realtors can expect to make more than residential realtors. The pay range is from $18,000 on the low end to the upper six figures on the high end. The average salary is somewhere around $45,000.