Recruitment Consultant Career Profile

A Recruitment Consultant (RC) is someone who helps their clients find suitable personnel to fill one or more vacancies. RCs act as a bridge between the employer and prospective employee. They have the responsibility of calling eligible candidates for a job opening, screen the received applications, interview a few, verify their candidacy through references and finally select the ideal person for the job opening.

Most RCs specialize in one industry type, for example, construction, fashion, operations, supply chain, education and so on. They provide knowledge base solutions to their clients.


  • Their primary job is to attract client companies to outsource the recruitment jobs to them. After obtaining a client company, RCs must work hard to bolster that relationship.
  • RCs must have in-depth knowledge about the policies and work cultures of their client companies.
  • Frame recruitment advertisements and decision making based on the understanding of the client company.
  • RCs should offer an attractive and informative advertising campaign, through a variety of mediums, like newspapers, magazines, web sites and social contact groups.
  • They are required to attend job fairs or college career forums in order to increase their candidate database.
  • Screen all the received applicants, choose the most delectable or qualified ones and arrange for personal interviews with them.
  • Briefly describe the responsibilities of the position, salary range and other benefits of the organization in question.
  • Cross-check with the references given by the candidates and have a clear understanding of their work or educational background.
  • Enhancing the resumes of the short-listed candidates and inform their client companies that they have someone who is prepared and knowledgeable about the position.
  • Relay the time, date and place of the interview to those short-listed candidates and inform the candidates with the positive and negative results a few days later.
  • Negotiate with both parties regarding the salary and close the agreement with the agreed amount.

Educational Requirements

A graduate degree in human resources, or related field is them minimum eligibility. Also, you must finish certification or a training course. An RC should have excellent communication skills, telephone etiquette and tact.

Job Opportunities

Entry level candidates can acquire a position in a recruitment agency as a trainee recruitment consultant or as a recruitment resource consultant. During this period, you will normally receive continuous training from the veteran consultants. After you successfully surpass the targets set by your employer in the probationary period, you can be invited on as an Executive Recruitment Consultant.

If you become a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, it will be useful in exploring new opportunities for career enhancement. With strong dedication, total focus and sincerity, you can be promoted to positions like Senior Executive, Team Leader and Branch Manager. But progress to each level requires enhanced skill sets, more certifications and usually more training.


Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported the annual average salary range for RCs in 2008 to be between $52,000 and $63,000. There are many growth levels in this field, from an entry level RC to a Director.

Job Prospects

According to the BLS, the employment for RCs will continue to expand at about a 17% clip in human resources industry until 2016.