Registered Nurse Consultant Job Profile

Registered nurse consultants are senior registered nurses, acting as consulting experts in various areas of health care. In most cases they act in one of several primary roles:

  • Healthcare policy
  • Medical writers and editors
  • Public health advisers
  • Healthcare consultancy
  • Nursing roles analyzing health care issues for patients and outpatients

The Work Environment

Registered nurse consultants work in a case management role, and have organizational positions similar to a supervisory or senior manager in several respects. The organizational role of these positions varies from managerial/supervisory to expert consultant, depending on the organization and the type of consultation involved.

For example, in the US Army, a registered nurse consultant may be involved in all aspects of care for wounded soldiers demobilizing from the military. This role includes assessment of their needs for care as outpatients, methods of accessing services, provision for medical conditions, analyzing problems in health care and other aspects of specific health care for the soldiers. This type of job also includes assessing cost effectiveness of health care measures and monitoring quality of services.

Other roles will include equally complex tasks, like:

  • Coordination of services
  • Case management handling of patient treatment and issues
  • Multi disciplinary case assessments and management
  • Outpatient management and policy advice

Other registered nurse consultant roles

As senior nurses, registered nurse consultants also progress into a more conventional type of consultancy role, including:

  • Public health policy advisory roles
  • Professional education roles
  • Hospital and institutional care consultancy roles
  • Professional writing in their areas of expertise
  • Academic roles as trainers and training advisers

Wages: The median range of registered nurse salaries is approximately $65,000 per year. These wages are baseline for registered nurse consultants, and can be significantly higher for registered nurse consultants, depending on job specifications.

Hours: Normal business hours in theory, but in practice are needs based.

The Career Environment

Registered nurse consultants, as senior experienced nurses, progress in their careers in a natural series of steps, common within the nursing field. Their roles as registered nurses are defined by their RN status and specialties.

At the consultant level, however, the career situation changes. These jobs involve putting their experience and expertise to work and are often the basis of much better patient care programs and policies on many levels.

For example:

In public health, registered nurse consultants are people with years or decades of experience in the field. They are often the instigators of highly successful new public health policies and community health programs.

In various areas of hospital and institutional care, the registered nurse consultant is the expert adviser provides similar services. These career progressions are based on logical developments of skills and experience. They can also create a high level of professional job mobility, usually within the profession-based roles.

The registered nurse consultant is by definition a trainer, adviser, and case manager. These roles are perfect for career progression in a variety of academic roles, and senior roles within the health sector.

The future roles of registered nurse consultants will be very varied, as new advanced practice nursing expands across the health sector. The registered nurse consultant will be needed to formulate new policies and practices in an ever evolving range of services, dealing with an expanding range of issues.