Rehabilitation Nurse Career Trends

A rehabilitation nurse focuses on providing health care to patients who are incapacitated due to injuries or illness. A rehabilitation nurse participates in treatment programs that allow the patient to lead a normal life in spite of physical and mental handicaps thereby helping them in improving overall state of life. Rehabilitation nurses are employed in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private clinics and at home health care facilities. The remuneration for this job is varied and overall career trend looks promising.

Progressive Phases of Rehabilitation Nursing Career

The study of nursing has multiple branches that widen the scope of career choices. Accredited course from a nursing school helps you to focus on a specialty such as rehabilitation nursing. It can be further pursued with supplementary training along with board certification. A certified rehabilitation nurse having experience with a professional organization will have better employment prospects. This certification authorizes a nurse to manage other nurses and to even lead a team. Rehabilitation nurses can focus on any one aspect of nursing, such as assisting a patient regaining motor skills, helping them get acquainted with adaptive devices and many others. But most of the rehabilitation nurses practice general nursing on several types of cases.

Career Trends

  • The demand for rehabilitation nurses continue to rise because of the aging population and the increasing instances of chronic illnesses among people of all age groups. With professional courses such as Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) followed by becoming a Rehabilitation Registered Nurse, your nursing credibility and employment prospects increase.
  • Present economic environment presents rehabilitation nurses a great number opportunities to strengthen their patient care roles. This is because health care organizations are minimizing their costs due to the diminishing reimbursements and mounting health care costs.
  • Computer literacy is compulsory in today’s nursing environment that utilizes online prescribing. A course in Professional Rehabilitation Nursing would be apt for aspiring rehabilitation nurses.
  • A rehabilitation nurse working in geriatrics area works in tandem with financial planners and health care consultants to take care of the needs of senior patients. This is an emerging trend seen in financial gerontology.

Career Outlook

Rehabilitation nursing job growth rate is expected to soar beyond 27% by the year 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states. Evolving technology promises to improve the outlook of nursing care that requires skilled, knowledgeable nurses in the near future. As newer technologies get introduced, health care professionals too need of embrace them to perform their jobs in a better and efficient manner.

Shortage of nurses in the US enhances the possibility of increased job opportunities for nurses. As per the analysis of BLS, the demand for registered nurses will increase by 23% by 2016. Also, the present workforce is retiring fast, leaving ample scope for increased demand for registered nurses. Considering the time frame required to be a registered rehabilitation nurse and outlook of this job profile, 2010 seems to be the perfect time to start a rehabilitation nursing course. A number of resourceful websites such as provides precise information about rehabilitation nursing. Log on and register on this website to get in depth information on rehabilitation nursing jobs.