Renewable energy production mechanic Job Description

The renewable energy sector in Greece has put forward a proposal for changing training at tertiary institutions to include training for the job of renewable energy production mechanic as the market is expanding and the industry experiences a shortage of skills in this area.

What does the renewable energy production mechanic do?

The renewable energy production mechanic is responsible for the maintenance and supervision of wind generators at wind parks or plants and can also work in any other renewable energy production plant.

Training requirements

Technical training in energy production is required.

Employment opportunities

Municipalities, local government and community development structures, as well wind power companies employ production mechanics.

Skills required

The renewable energy production mechanic requires skills and knowledge of electric generators, the development of networks to distribute the power, and wind power energy generation.

A basic knowledge of automation is required whilst an understanding of all renewable energy production forms such as solar power; wind power, solo thermal heating, and biofuels are also required.

If you want to work as a renewable energy production mechanic, you also need to understand the importance of environmental management and know how to apply measurements to assess the environmental impact of a specific plant.