Restaurant Jobs

Many people like working in a restaurant. But jobs in restaurants are also challenging in as much as they don't come easy. In fact, a popular saying goes that 'you know you work in a restaurant when you come to work sick and no one cares if you're sick…they were at one time suffering like you, or are getting sick soon'. Call this negative publicity for restaurant employment, but some aspects of it are true while, of course, most are false.

If you love working with food and you're a little creative, working in a restaurant maybe just the job for you. Do you like satisfying others and achieving measurable results that you can see for yourself? This is the place. You can notice when you've done your best – patrons are happy and satisfied. Students fit here probably more than elsewhere because you can work part time and you may be allowed to decide on your working hours thus giving you the flexibility to also study on the side. Another plus is landing in a good restaurant, where tips by customers are shared by the staff on the floor; you could earn good money from it! Add all that to the fact that you often save on your food dollars as you eat at work either before or after your shift. If you recently immigrated to a new country, say English speaking one and your language is poor, your close interaction with people may give you just what you want – improved language and interpersonal skills.

Getting to Work in a Restaurant

If you're serious enough about a restaurant job, especially a senior one, the best way to land on the job requires a combination of education and work experience. Qualification without experience is almost nothing here and so is experience without a formal training in restaurant work. This augurs well for you as today's restaurant job market requires some formal training as well as experience. Employers have realized that armed with a diploma or degree, you're more likely to make smart decisions than a person who went through an apprentice would. This is because you'll have the requisite skills to relate, co-exist and manage others and yourself and if in a position of authority, you can be relied upon to think strategically about the establishment. A good schooling in culinary arts will give you the right skills and knowledge that empower you to see the fuller picture of what it takes to work in and even manage a restaurant. Make sure whichever training that you go for will not only suit your lifestyle but also bring you close to your career goals and aspirations. Usually, a two-year associate degree is enough training for an entry-level management job in the hospitality industry. But there's no denying the fact that a bachelor's degree will expand your knowledge and enable you beat competition in the job market. The higher the position in a restaurant you aspire for, the more education you may need.

All about school said, it's also a fact that experience is the best teacher. All the years spent preparing vegetables or soups in a restaurant may just give you the practical knowledge required for restaurant employment. Avoid the steep learning curve when you start work in a restaurant through picking up some experience on the way as having academic papers only can't help you. If for some reason you're joining management, experience to manager others and yourself in the actual workplace is very important.

You have the training, how then do you package yourself for a restaurant job placement.

Presenting a Restaurant-focused Resume

In most restaurants, you find Restaurant Managers, Operations Managers and Banquet Managers, Bar Managers, Bartenders, Reservations Managers as well as other staff. So where do you want to get into? Make your resume reflect the exact position that you're interested in. one thing to note with restaurant employment is that most workers usually end up with more responsibility that their job titles and pay rates. Understanding this is important since you'll know what to include in your resume in terms of duties and responsibilities and even expected pay. Focus more on your skills that you have as this may help you get more interviews. If you have already been working in this field, take care to omit any job titles that may not match the position that you aspire for. Some job titles may not be commensurate with the pay you desire; leave them out. As well, you may list a job title that weakens your image and hence potentially curtaining your career goals. Play with skill headings in a bid to elevate your image and you'll get paid more, at least most of the time.

Do you want to temp or work permanently?

Are you one of those attracted by the flexibility that temporary work offers? No problem only that you need to take note of a few things concerning temping. Temping in a restaurant, or anywhere else for that matter, will bequeath you a broad experience and one that's variated. You'll learn new skills and in different sectors of the industry and meet many people as well. Temping may also land you in prestigious restaurant chains and in addition, often; you work only when you want. But the downside is there, too.

You may be forced to leave a job even before you get to know any of your colleges. There could be a constant feeling that you get 'left over' jobs that no one else is interested in. and there's usually little time to guide or clearly give you work instructions and you may just be thrown into a workplace and expected to work. Consistent work may be hard to come by and your CV will look awkward with all that long temping period, limiting your chances to land on a permanent job.

There exist some management systems in the restaurant that you may work in. it's important to understand how such things like staff scheduling work and how they're tied to customer service. Usually, there's a system where each staff shift availability days are communicated to the schedule maker. You'll need to familiarize yourself with staff shift availability sheets. Choose a restaurant with the best, efficient shifts normally three or four as opposed to one or two in a week. This is to give you more time to be in the restaurant, learn and even earn more, with time. That's restaurant employment for you…