Retail Jobs

Retail isn't usually considered as a particularly mobile career, but it is. Retail allows for a lot of opportunity and job choices. People have started on cash registers and wound up running major corporations. Retail can be a highly mobile career, if you know how to use your skills, qualifications and experience.

Entry points for careers in retail

Usually, entry level retail jobs are basic cash register, shelf stacking, accounts or warehousing jobs. These jobs include fundamental retail skills, and they do have value in later supervision, accounts and management jobs. Retail is a bit more flexible than other industries for entry points. Prior experience in sales, customer service, or other related work can get jobs in retail at entry and other levels.


Qualifications and experience become critically important in specialist, mid-level and higher career moves. If the retailer specializes in a particular industry, technical qualifications may also be required. Retail is also big business, and further up the career path, the corporate career environment is another part of the equation. This is where career mobility comes in, and the normal retail career does include a lot of maneuvering for positions.

When researching qualifications for retail careers, it's advisable to look at definite goals, and to consider the uses of those qualifications as working propositions for the highly varied opportunities which retail offers. Business, accountancy, and managerial qualifications are all broad spectrum credentials which are suitable for retail.

Career paths

Retail jobs have very portable skills at all levels, and basic retail experience is a lifetime job hunting asset. Retail jobs involve specialization in the industry in higher job categories. Most accounts and other administration work is standard work in those fields, but management work requires both industry experience and the appropriate qualifications.

The hierarchy of career paths in retail is the basic corporate model. The chain of promotions is very clear. In retail, your options in that field may include some job hopping, but as with other retail jobs, the industry allows a lot of mobility.

Career environment

The retail sector includes a range of working conditions which can be great or appalling, depending on the retailer. The best jobs tend to be the upmarket retailers, although middle level jobs with major employers are normally steady, and the conditions are considered good.

In career terms, however, retail skills are like currency. The built in job mobility is a definite positive career asset, allowing freedom of choice in selecting career paths. The jobs in middle level supervisory and management pay well, and employers in big retailers have good training policies and programs. This training alone is a valuable career resource, particularly when working with brand name employers.

Important: Often overlooked in retail is the valuable business training and experience it gives. In many retail jobs, it's possible to get supervisory and management experience at a very early stage in your career. If you're looking for a career in business, retail could be where you need to start.