Sales Jobs

The sales job is the quintessential middle class job, the basis of urban myths. Sales jobs are in fact the legendary 'steady jobs' of the past, often tough, always demanding, but sales work is a career of itself.

Sales is business incarnate. All business is about sales, in every industry in the world. Salespeople can transition from one industry to another, easily. A good track record in sales will get you a job anywhere on Earth. You might not even have to apply for a job, because employers will come to you with better offers.

To get that kind of status in your sales career, you have to be really good, but headhunters have made an actual industry out of finding salespeople like that. Top of the line salespeople are always in demand. The big corporate sales jobs can pay as much as a CEO's package. These top line salespeople really are the best in the business, because to some extent, they are the business.

Career paths in sales

Ironically, in a graduate job driven world, sales, the driver of business, is one of the few industries where you don't actually need a degree, just real talent. The career path in sales is much more fluid than in other professions, and it's really how well you understand the career path and progressions that produces results.

Salespeople progress in terms of the types of sales, and the packages they get in their jobs. The big advantage, however, in terms of career paths, is that there are multiple options and ways of getting ahead in a sales career. Salespeople change jobs and industries the way other people change shirts. They adapt to their industries, and develop their own careers in the process. They can be specialists and generalists, simultaneously. They sell cars, toasters, planes, yachts, and military hardware with the same talents.

Career goals are always defined as packages, not in the context of 'a job.' Salespeople are the ultimate pragmatists. They do what works best, in a career sense. A sales career is based on a series of successes across the career, not a generic description of success. Their valuable status as top grade salespeople is the real success.

The career environment

This is an extremely tough career environment. There are no time outs. Status matters a lot in sales careers, for career opportunities. The top sales people are the only ones with real status, and they get the career advantages. Salespeople try to get up the ladder, fast, to get those chances. Competition for good sales jobs is nothing less than ferocious, all the time. The good jobs are worth a fortune, literally.

Everybody is pushed hard in sales, and nonperformance is a ticket straight out. Employers are also continuously very demanding. Sales managers, too, are under pressure from management. The whole career, in any sales position at any level, is performance based. Sales is a potentially great career, just remember you have to win your personal marathon.