Seasonal vacancies in ski resorts

Several factors should be kept in mind when you prepare to go to the ski resort such as weather, cost, and the type of job that you will do. It undoubtedly will be cold and you should pack as many warm clothing items as you can. You can hire ski equipment at the ski resort, but if you have your own it will be more cost effective to use it. Take a spare set of skis.

You might be required to dress in a professional manner when you work with the public and for this reason you should have at least two sets of neat or semi-formal clothing. If you plan to work in the reception or restaurant area you will need the above clothing while the caretakers and maintenance support jobs require uniforms. Don't take all your belongings since accommodation is expensive and you will have little space for everything. Include the following items when you prepare to go:

  • Include several sweaters and coats
  • Pack at least seven sets of warm thermal underwear
  • Take a scarf and gloves
  • Remember to include sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Sun block cream
  • Two sets of skis and protective clothing
  • Two pairs of boots
  • Several semi-formal clothing items
  • Notepad and pen
  • Toothbrush and personal hygiene items
  • Passport, visa, drivers license, and work permit if applicable Resume
  • Proof of qualifications and work experience

Prepare to go - timing
Plan your trip to the ski resort ahead. Decide on what transport to use and make reservations in advance if applicable. Try to get to the ski resort before most job hunters arrive and use the time to attend job fairs and interviews. Find out where to stay and get acquainted with the employees. You need some time to adjust to the climate and to settle in. If you arrive during summer you may want to find a temporary job in one of the surrounding lodges, restaurants, or even at building sites. It will help you to save a bit of money until you receive your first pay check at the ski resort.

Brush up on your skills

The more relevant work experience and qualifications you have, the better your chance of landing a specialized job such as accountant or ski instructor. Where possible, you should try to get experience and some training for the specialized positions before you apply for a job at the ski resort.

If you plan to work on the slopes you should get fit before you start in the new job. Some of the skills besides the ability to ski include good interpersonal communication skills and the ability to deal with difficult customers. Experience in restaurant work will most certainly broaden your scope for work. Prepare to go the ski resort with some experience and enough cash.