Security Consultant Career Profile

A security consultant performs assessments on infrastructures like residential homes, companies, institutions, places of public importance like airports, railway stations and stadiums and suggests optimum security measures to be adopted. It is the responsibility of a security consultant to take into consideration all risks involved, by assessing the architecture of a building and exploring various options to eliminate the risks.  It is possible that the architecture of a building might change due to structural changes; in that case, a security consultant reviews the case and suggests changes in the existing security systems. A security consultant also monitors how effective the security system installed is proving to be.

Required Skill Sets

One can be a security consultant in a number of ways. Some firms insist on having a license, while for others, it's not mandatory as long as one possesses required qualifications. If one aspires to become a security consultant, then the following guidelines would come in handy:

  • A bachelor's degree in any subject.
  • Enroll yourself in a training program that offers certification as a Security Consultant.
  • A relevant degree can also be obtained, but is not necessary.
  • Graduates in electrical and electronics subjects could obtain special certifications to become a security consultant.
  • Students at college level could take up projects involving security systems.
  • Obtaining a certification through online courses is also possible.

 A security consultant, apart from the above mentioned formal qualifications should possess:

  • Strong analytical skills.
  • An eye for detail.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team.
  • Good communication skills to work with the clients.

Basic Tasks

A security consultant might be employed by a security consulting firm or may chose to work individually. Depending on the nature of work, the schedule of a security consultant varies. Everyday tasks of a security consultant involve:

  • Making assessments of the infrastructure of a building.
  • Exploring various options of security systems.  
  • Choosing the most suitable security system for a specific building.
  • Meeting with clients to know their requirements.
  • Explaining to clients why the specific system is the most feasible option.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of a security system.
  • Suggesting changes if the need arises.

Earnings and Advancement Opportunities

A security consultant on an average makes around $75,000 annually. This however depends greatly on location, place of employment and experience. The average annual salary of a security consultant with considerable experience is around $98,000. The area that pays the highest amount for security consultants is the District of Columbia. Security consultants with a good reputation could earn up to $124,000 in Washington, D.C.

A security consultant working for a reputed firm has a good chance of being promoted to a higher level. Security consultants with entrepreneurial skills can set up their own consulting firm.