Self Employment - Making Money through Amazon

Many self-employed people have tried to make an income from online affiliate programs but instead of getting rich, they have only covered the initial setup costs. There is however hope for the aspiring entrepreneurs through the Amazon affiliate program. Many home based Internet businesses thrive through the Amazon affiliate programs. The setup cost is low and can be done within 24 hours but the process is a bit complicated.

How to setup the home based Internet businesses

  • Learn the basics of html since it will save you money if you can do some of the web editing, inserting pictures, create links and resize text. There are many online places where you can learn for free and at your own time. Simply type in 'online html tutorial' free in the search box of Google.
  • Select the subject on which you will do reviews. It must be a topic of interest to you since you will do many reviews on the matter. Also make sure that you make a very specific selection.
  • Select the domain of your site. Make sure that it can easily be spelled, remembered and is related to your topic of discussion, for instance, etc.
  • Register the domain through your Internet service provider. Search for a cheap service provider; one who will give you support and visitor statistics as well as a control panel where you can setup your own emails, forums etc.
  • Web hosting - goes with the domain registration and must be affordable since you may need more than one domain.
  • Get a blog for your site since you can add new content on a regular basis with it. You can download the software from many places on the web. Just type in 'download free blog software' in the search box of Google to find places to download.
  • Create a style for your blog.
  • Generate the different categories for all the possible fields of interest.
  • Become an associate at Amazon for free by clicking on the Join link at Amazon.
  • Form the blog links: one for the postings and one for the Amazon building hyperlink - follow the instructions at the Amazon static links.
  • Create your first link to the item at Amazon that you want to recommend by double clicking on the number and the press copy. Then use the build link and right click with your mouse in the search area, then paste. Now make the served hyperlink the host hyperlink and press GO. This should display the selected item and you can just press the button to get the html. Select the type of linking by copying the highlighted text.
  • The last step is to promote the site to other webloggers, creating reciprocal links with other sites, participating in forums about your subject with links back to your site, and by submitting your site to search engines. Before you submit to search engines, make sure that you have Meta tags with a description of your content, three main keywords or phrases, and a title.
  • Finally - blog your recommendations by clicking on the blog post linking.
  • Create a good web site by offering interesting content and item recommendations. Make sure that you have something in every category. Create additional categories for news, other comments and reviews about the subject. The search engines pick it up immediately if you have setup announcements for the engines.
  • Some other guidelines for setting up home based Internet businesses

    • If you really want to make a good living from home based Internet businesses, learn the basics of maintaining websites. You need an FTP program that you can download for free from the Internet.
    • Learn the basics of html to make minor changes and to optimize your page for the search engines.
    • Music forms the most popular topic and is easy to review and thereafter books. Books however take more time to read. Consumer products may be more difficult in the beginning, but you can expand your websites quickly.
    • Get return visitors through the regular publishing of a newsletter.

    These guidelines and tips should get you started with the home based Internet businesses. You should note that even though the setup cost is low, it takes time to develop a good income.