Self Employment - Using Ebay to make money

eBay provides a low cost home business online opportunity for anyone who wants to become self-employed. It is a booming auction community that will keep growing. eBay grows with at least 39 000 new visitors daily and their share of the international online market is estimated to be in the trillions. There are about 5 million products for sale every day and more than 22 million listed clients. If you are looking for a good home online business opportunity then you should consider eBay since it offers you an ever growing market as an entrepreneur.

Why sell at eBay?

The startup process on eBay is straightforward and you as an entrepreneur keep the sale products in the comfort of your home. You can sell those items that you don't want or use as your entry point to eBay. The startup cost is next to nothing and the process is easy to learn. You can start selling at eBay within minutes from reading the article on the home business online opportunity at eBay. The registration process is quick and free.

Where can you find items to sell?

  • Items in you house
  • Products from your friends
  • Put your ideas into e-books and sell them
  • Visit wholesalers and buy in bulk to resell
  • Buy at auction sites such as BidorBuy or eBay and resell it
  • Jumble sales
  • Community markets
  • Retailers
  • Bargain stores and pawnshops
  • Manufacturers
  • Sell on consignment - you haven't paid for the item yet and only buy it once you have sold it.

How to select items to sell at auction sites
The selection process for the home business online opportunity is fairly simple since there are many collectors of almost any kind of item in the world. Those items in your house that would sell for only a few cents at a jumble sale, can reach considerable prices at auction sites where collectors hunt for rare items such as specific coke bottles, plates, pictures, books, caps, pinball machines, jewelry, musical instruments, and furniture.

You don't have to part with items from your home, you can start selling products that you have knowledge about or have used in the past. Select items that you know are in demand, not necessarily things that you like.

Browse through eBay to check if the item you want to sell is in demand, or is perhaps already over supplied. If there is hundreds of the same item, you should consider another type of product. If there is no supply of an item, then it should also give a warning sign that it may not be in demand at all. Test the water if that is the case. Browse through the individual auctions to find out if people are bidding on the items you want to sell. If there is a lot of bidding, it means that even though many of the same items are listed, they are in demand. Also evaluate the closings to see if the items sold at reasonable prices. This will give you an indication of the market price for the items. If you can get the items at very low prices and sell them at the auction market price, you will be able to make a good income. Browse the hot category once a week to get a feel what items are selling.

Considerations for this home business online opportunity at eBay

There are certain aspects to consider for instance item selection, cost, time to sell and selling price:

  • Expenses of the item - what are the initial costs of the item, for example the price, shipping or postage costs, alterations etc?
  • Where will you keep the items that you sell? Do you have adequate space or will you need to get a store?
  • Postage and packaging - calculate the cost for shipment of the package including labor, time, packaging material, and shipment fees.
  • Lifespan of the item - you need an item that will stay in demand for a long period or make a profit in the short term, but change your product line when the demand drops.
  • Timing - many items are related to seasonal changes, for instance valentine items, Christmas decorations etc. all sell at specific times of the year. Buy these items out of season at low prices and sell at the right time at higher prices.

Advantages of this home business online opportunity at eBay

  • Selling at an auction site has the guarantee of a huge market
  • It is an easy to learn process.
  • It provides quick startup for your new business.
  • Can be done 24 hours a day.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Can be done anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet.
  • The growth potential is good - you can create your own auction page on your website or have a retail section that links to the auction site.
  • Your market strategy can be adapted and tested within 72 hours.
  • You can get a response on your offering within 3 days.
  • Once the item is registered, you can go on with other activities.
  • You are in control of how much time you want to spend on selling at the auction sites.

Keep the above tips in mind when you decide to make use of the home business online opportunity at eBay to make huge profits right from the start.