Self Employment in Christmas and New year House sitting

Jobs in the holiday season

One of the more interesting ways to earn cash over the holidays is house sitting. This service is used when the owners go on vacation for days or weeks, and require someone to keep the house routine for them.


While house sitting for the holidays can be a fun and exiting job, there are requirements to this work as with any other.

  • Have a clean criminal backround
  • Be trustworthy and reliable
  • The ability to follow directions and guidelines
  • Constant communication with the owners

The Job

This type of work is simple. You arrive at the home, take possession of the keys, and care for the home while the owners are away. When the owners return, you return the keys and home in the same condition or better as you arrived. Some of the specific duties you may be asked to perform would include:

  • Watering the plants
  • Caretaker of the building and grounds
  • Caring for pets
  • Maintaining a clean house
  • Providing mail forwarding if needed

Level of Service

The level of service for a house sitter during the holiday season depends on two factors:

  • Onsite caretaker - this is where you live in the residence for the duration of work
  • Checking on the house daily - this is where you keep the home in lived-in condition by checking mail, mowing grass, feeding pets and watering plants

Usually for longer vacations, the homeowner will most likely ask for a live-in sitter who will care for the house as the owners would. Shorter absences of only a few days would simply require a twice daily check on the property to ensure all is well.

Type of Employment

There are two ways to be a house sitter for the holidays

  • Independent - this method allows for more income but also more work as you will have to find your own assignments
  • Agency - this method allows for a constant flow of work, but with a more limited pay rate and more stringent rules.


Depending on your range for travel, you could easily advertise this service for nearly no cost. If you find an agent whom you can work for, this part is taken care of; all you need to provide is the dates you want to work and distance to travel. If you do market yourself, try these methods:

  • Craigslist - this site has numerous local portals which you can use to find work
  • Newspapers - small classified ads can bring local work
  • Internet - you can sign up with agencies online as well as use sites which specialize in housesitting.


One of the largest benefits to house sitting for the holiday season, is that you can spend your holiday in different locations each time. There are many national and worldwide house sitting agencies which allow you to travel to many different locations.

Another of the benefits to this type of work is the repeat business. Once you have worked a successful house sitting job, most times the client will remember you and ask for your services again the following holiday season.