Service Employment positions on a cruise ship

This type of jobs on board luxury cruise line is closely related to grooming and health of the passengers and requires highly qualified and committed staff.

Beauticians working on cruise ships- In order to get a beautician's job you will need to be a qualified beautician with a valid license. The candidates should preferably have some experience in five star or seven star beauty parlors and/or salons. The working hours of these jobs can be anything from 4 to 8 hours per day. The salary is usually complemented by a good amount of tips.

Cosmetologists/ masseurs/ massage therapists cruiseliner employment - The cruise liners provide the best spa and sauna facilities for its passengers. This is why these liners are classified as luxury liners. Hence, the ship engages experienced and licensed massage therapists and cosmetologists who can do manicures, pedicures, massages and related tasks to the satisfaction of its high-end customers. The spa is open every day of the week for a limited time. The pay for these jobs is low because the income is actually tip-based. The tips add up to a very handsome income, so much so that people are not bothered about the salary received.

Fitness directors working on luxury ships- There is no place where fitness can be excluded. People today are extremely conscious about their health and fitness routine. Hence, the luxury liners too engage excellent fitness personnel who can guide and help the passengers shed the extra calories they gain during their leisure time. Needless to say that the fitness instructors will have to be qualified and trained, besides being able to handle computerized, state-of-the-art equipment. The fitness directors also act as hosts and will need to socialize with the passengers both inside and outside the gym. The fitness personnel are not only trained in fitness routines but also in first aid and CPR. The positions are salary based.

Fitness instructors work on cruise ships - For those who love aerobic classes there are the fitness instructors. These staff are trained in yoga, aerobics, step-aerobics, dance and so on. The candidates will not only need to be experienced but also commensurate qualifications and expertise. All fitness staff will have to be licensed. The contracts are based on salary.

Medical staff employed on cruise liners- Besides having a battery of doctors well equipped to handle any type of medical emergency, there are the nursing staff. The nurses, both male and female are on 24 hours on call and they are qualified to take care of all types of medical problems. The candidates need to be duly qualified; experience if any will be an added advantage. Knowledge of another major language besides English is preferred. The nursing staff will be required to know to use state-of-the-art medical equipment. The positions are highly paid and salary-based. Most of the time the medical staff are under employed; this is a dream job for them because though they usually get paid for enjoying the cruise and socializing more than working.