Setting Career Goals for Freelance Consultants

Freelance consultants are usually very experienced in their field and they are sought out for their expertise. Most of them have already climbed the corporate ladder in their business and are now looking to get into freelance consulting. When you make the transition to freelance consultant, you need to start setting some career goals. Here are a few things to consider about setting career goals for freelance consultants.

Setting Goals

When you make the move to becoming a freelance consultant, there is a good chance that you are little bit scared of the possibilities in front of you. Instead of working in a predefined role with a company, you are going to be branching out on your own and trying to make it work. If you succeed, the potential for your job is unlimited. Because of this need for success, you need to make sure to plan out your career. Those that set goals and follow a plan are going to be much more successful than those that do not. When you work in a traditional job setting, it is easy to use predetermined goals. You can shoot for becoming a manager or getting some other job within the company. When you work as a freelancer, you will need to have some more specific goals in order to measure your success.

Education Goals

Even though you are already very knowledgeable in your chosen field, you can always learn more. Because of this, you might want to set some educational goals for yourself in order to improve yourself in your career. You might decide to get your Master's degree or a doctorate. Companies are much more likely to hire consultants that have higher-level degrees than someone that does not have an education. Most of the time, you should be able to gain your education while you are still working as a consultant.

Ultimate Career Goal

When you get started working as a freelance consultant, you need to set an ultimate career goal for yourself. You need to decide where you want to be in 5 and 10 years from now. By having a large goal to work towards, you are going to add purpose to your work.

Smaller Goals

In addition to working towards a large goal, you need to set some smaller achievable goals for yourself also. This way, you will be able to measure your progress on the way to your ultimate career goal.

For example, as a freelance consultant, you are going to need to start gaining some clients. Your first goal might be to attain your first major client. You might even specify which company you want to start working with. Once you get past your first client, you are going to want to set bigger and better roles. For example, you might say that you want to get 10 clients within the next year. In addition to this, you might decide to set some financial goals for yourself as well.