Setting Career Goals for Freelance Editor Jobs

The scope of freelance editor jobs is vast, ranging from daily tabloids to huge websites. But becoming a freelance editor is no cakewalk. Unlike people with corporate jobs who progress from a job interview to near-permanent employment, freelance editors are always looking for new jobs. With the amount of competition in the field, freelance editors should set career goals.

Starting Off

Many editors start off as writers. You may need to build your reputation as a good writer before you are considered for editing jobs. Even while you are a writer, getting freelance jobs might be a bit of a hassle. Initially you might have to bid low for projects that you otherwise wouldn’t touch. As you gain recognition as a writer, you will be able to increase your rates.

Choosing a Category

You might consider selecting a well-defined category for your articles. Do you want to be a creative writer? Do you want to write nonfiction? Or do you want to choose from among the other scores of categories out there? Selecting a field early on helps you establish a reputation in that particular field. Specializing in one field is a faster way to gain fame than writing bits and pieces of everything since it helps people relate to you as a specific kind of writer. However, you do not have to limit yourself to only one kind of writing.

Attracting Prospective Clients

As you continue to write, keep adding to your resume. The power of having an impressive résumé cannot be underestimated when you apply for freelance editor jobs. Also, with so many employment offers being available online, it would be a good idea to build your website. Having a website that shows off your main talents is a much better way to impress clients than a plain-Jane sheet of paper.

Jumping from One Career Goal to the Next

Your first career goal as a freelance editor will be to establish yourself as a quality writer. Once you have reached that stage, watch out for opportunities to work as an editor. Again, just as you had to prove yourself a capable writer, so also you will have to prove yourself a capable editor. Also, just as in writing, choosing to be an editor in a field you like will pay off in the long term.

At every stage of your freelance editor jobs, ensure that your next goal is well-defined. Laying out a career plan at the very beginning might be helpful too. Do not stray off the path you have laid out for yourself. After you prove yourself a capable editor, your next goal can be something like getting hired by a particular company, getting paid a certain amount of money for your editing work or completing your website. Whatever it is, do everything you can to meet the goal within a specific time frame. Veering off the path will leave you stranded at whatever level you are at present.