Setting Career Goals for Freelance PR Jobs

Those who have made the decision to take plunge into freelance PR jobs would do well to start setting career goals.

Understanding the Game

Many people enter the game, even spend years in it, without understand what PR is all about and what is required of them. For freelancers this can be particularly dangerous. Understand clearly well in advance what you will be doing as a freelance PR professional. Too many people confuse public relations with issues like publicity, communications and more. Before you start as a freelancer, ensure you have sufficient trust in your own abilities to weather whatever setbacks you face along the way.

Need for Laying the Groundwork

It would do you little good to wander through the years taking up random assignments. That just leaves you stuck at a particular level. If you plan to get anywhere at all with your freelance PR career, you need to lay down a well defined path. Identify the changes you would need to make in yourself, the strategies you will use as a freelance PR professional, and your ultimate career goal. Then define time frames in which to accomplish the changes and your goal. Break down each goal into sub-goals, which would make it easier to keep track of them.

Setting Goals

Chances are you will be setting out at an entry-level position. Work upon setting some career goals for yourself. Goals can involve gaining a few years of experience. You might also want to gain accreditation such as the one offered by International Association of Business Communicators to increase your market value. You might also look towards gaining increasingly better types of freelance PR jobs. Whatever goal you set, it should be realistic and achievable within the set time span.


Initially, set certain goals for achieving a certain level of experience. Experience counts majorly for getting freelance PR jobs. Identify the kind of projects you will need to gain the experience you need and work on getting them. But it’s not just experience that will count.


Getting to know more people is just as important. Get in touch with others in the freelance PR field. You will get a good many number of projects via people you know, directly or indirectly. The advantage is that being known by someone automatically makes you credible in his/her view, making it easier for you to get certain projects.

Meeting Goals

Work on meeting one goal at a time. Do not get excited and try to jump over multiple goals at once. If you have set goals that cannot be chronologically achieved, a checklist for achieved goals as you progress through your freelance PR career would be a good idea. Why a checklist when you will easily remember most of your goals? Crossing out goals on a piece of paper serves to motivate you.

At the end of the day, what matters is having a clear vision of where you want to be eventually. Setting career goals for freelance PR jobs will help make the journey easier and even drive you on during the times when things seem difficult.