Simple Steps for a Successful Email Job Application

The first mistake people do when sending an email application is to think that it's easier and faster than the traditional way of looking for employment as an oil and gas engineer. Yes, it can be easy, but it requires the same attention and preparation as a targeted Curriculum Vitae.

  • Fortunately, for people with really bad handwriting, the email application form will be an obvious advantage in sending a good resume or cover letter.

First of all, consider the fact that the resume is an overall combination of your business card and your sales letter and the best way to present it to your employer is to make it in a professional, succinct style.

The structure needs to be formal and the information should be presented in sequence in order to assure easiness in reading. People who are trying to find a job in the Oil and Gas industry must consider that the main objective of the resume included in the email application is to convince the employer to choose you instead the other applicants.

  1. The resume style should focus on your skills. Therefore, use many keywords related to your skills, because many employers don't bother to read all the received email applications. They usually go for searching the keywords related to the skills they are interested in for the position.
    • Avoid complex formatting that includes tables, columns or fancy graphics. You can eliminate the excess of time necessary for downloading the email job application and be among the first applicants to be noticed by the employer.
  2. The resume file name
  3. Stand out from the crowd and show professionalism by personalizing your email job application. Why name it resume.doc or cv.doc when you can put your name there? Consider this: Anderson-Britney.doc. You will be noticed for sure among hundreds of jobseekers and the email job application will be easier to register.

  4. Follow the employer's instructions
  5. Always follow the employer's instructions and you will demonstrate from the start your attention to details. Here are the consequences of not paying attention to the instructions:

    • the first impression will be that you are not able to follow simple guidelines, therefore why bother to see how you deal the complex tasks;
    • Incomplete information can rapidly send you to the bottom of the file or be deleted from the applicants? database.
  6. The Contact Details should include the email address and your phone numbers.
    • The email address is an important element, as many employers prefer not to call their applicants due to different time zones.
    • Choosing to send the email job application from the private email address can be a good option, in order to match the application with your name. For example, your email address is and you name your email job application Anderson-Briney.doc.
    • A common mistake people do when they are looking for a job is using the work email address and naming the application as resume.doc. This can create confusion and make contact difficult for the employer.
    • The Application Letter is better to be combined with the resume in one single document. The result of such effective choice is that the document is easier to open ad the risk of the two documents to be lost or separated is removed.
    • Use keywords related to your skills all around the covering letter and the resume as well, without exaggerating though;
    • Put the contact details (email address and phone) on all the pages of the email job application.
  8. Here are few tips on how to build an effective email application when you are job hunting for an engineer position in the Oil and Gas industry:

    TIP #1 Be sure to include your personal details, such as name, phone number and email address.

    TIP #2 When writing the subject line of the email application you should also mention the title of the position you are applying for.

    TIP #3 Include the cover letter in the body of the email application.

    TIP #4 Make it short and to the point. The ideal length of the cover letter should be no more than four paragraphs.

    TIP #5 Make sure to proofread the email application for grammar and spelling (and the best way is to do it yourself instead of spell check software, because it's safer).

    • This is your only chance to make a good first impression and an email application that is filled with errors only gives you an unprofessional look. Don't make the job search a useless effort!

    TIP #6 Before sending the email application check the screen name and the email address; they must sound professional.

    TIP #7 If you decide to send your resume as an attachment, it is recommended to send it as an MSWord document. The majority of the employers use it and they will be able to open it with no problem.

  • THE RESUME SAMPLE FOR OIL AND GAS ENGINEERS APPLICANTS can give you a great start on creating an effective and performing resume for your email application. You can use it and highlight your true abilities and skills as an Oil and Gas engineer.
  • Name
  • Address
  • State, region, country, zip code
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Mention what kind of position you are looking for:
    • an entry-level position;
    • a leadership position;
  • The name and location of the universities that you have graduated;
  • The graduation year;
  • What degrees you have obtained;
  • The relevant courses you have attended for this specific position
  • Previous working experience and previous positions;
  • The level of responsibility required by those positions;
  • Mention your experience as a team leader;
  • Mention your ability to operate a computer;
  • Mention the computer languages and programs you are familiar with.
  • Mention the languages you know;
  • Specify the level of knowledge involved:
    • satisfactory;
    • good;
    • Excellent.
John Smith 123 West Lane Drive
Chicago, Illinois 99909 Home: (111)222-3333
Cell: (666)555-4444
Fax: (111)222-3333
February, xx, 2007
Contact name:
Contact job title:
Company name:
Company address:
Company City, State, Zip:

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms Last Name:

If your company is looking for an experienced and skilled reservoir engineer, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss further about your requirements for this position and my objectives. I have mentioned my accomplishments in the field in the accompanying resume which will clearly illustrate the type of value and vision I can bring to your company.

For the last X years, I have been involved in several projects, such as XXX, providing high quality services and viable solutions to the X Company. I have managed properly those projects until the completion, which have brought the company important savings. I possess a deep knowledge of the oil and gas industry in using the best technologies and resources in order to deliver optimized solutions according to your company's specifications.

My expertise includes strong technical skills in XXXXX. In addition, I have previously proven my ability to deal with large projects, by completing them in time and within the budgets. I intend for the future to continue applying a solid leader image and to motivate the team of professionals for obtaining the highest levels of performance.

Considering the objectives of your company and the available positions, I strongly believe that my professional background matches perfectly with your present requirements. If the company is searching for a reliable, results targeted professional, with a solid experience in the oil and gas field, I would be interested in discussing the qualities and the experience I could bring into your company. I can be always reached at the above telephone numbers and looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,
John Smith

John Smith