Ski coach training for a job.

The requirements for becoming a ski coach differ slightly from Europe to North America. The requirements for both continents are described here:


There are two levels that are awarded in the UK, namely Artificial Slopes Performance, in short ASP or also ASPC, and the normal coach level. ASP entails the training of skiers on artificial hills, while the normal coaching involves the training of racers to become professional skiers and to compete in events. The ESC award is the highest level in Europe. If you have this level of qualification, you can obtain a license to train your own skiers. Apart from being a certified ski coach, you may also apply to be registered as a tutor that qualifies you to deliver certain ski courses.

Other requirements include being older than 18 years, being registered with the European country ski licensing authority where you plan to coach. You must either have a BASI level 3 certification, or a certified artificial slope coach, with one month's snow coach work experience, or being a racer with a point value of less than 80.

Apart from this, you must also attend a recognized first aid course and a week ASP course. Once you have passed the test and have gained practical experience while working with skiers for a specified time, you are required to submit your qualifications, proof of courses attended, and experience to the ESC for approval. You will then receive ASP certification. Once you have this, you can become a full ski coach.

Other requirements

  • You need to be a certified ASP coach
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must have a minimum of 42 days coach experience on snow
  • Must be a registered ASSI
  • Have attended a 14 day European ski coach course
  • After the assessment course you will be awarded certification as a development coach.
  • You are then required to apply for licensing to be able act as ski coach for club members for international events.
  • If you finish the tutor course you may also register as tutor on a higher level.

Requirements for becoming a ski coach on race level

  • Must have ASP and ASSI certification
  • Must have completed the Alpine course of level 1 plus 2, which qualifies you as an APC level 2 coach.
  • Once you are registered as a race coach you may apply for licensing to be able to coach your club members in other countries on snow.
  • Once you have completed the level 3 of the performance course, you may register as a tutor on that level.

North America

The United States Ski Coach Association provides training for coaches. There are also three levels which are known as:

  • Alpine pre-course level 1
  • National Alpine Coach (NAC) level 2
  • US Ski Coach Association Accreditation level 3

Level 1

  • Must attend a 2 day lecturing course and practical exercises

Level 2

  • Must attend an 8 day ski course of lectures
  • You must already have a first aid course certificate
  • Must already have an referee certification
  • Must already have completed the coaching effectiveness course

Level 3

  • Complete the certification examination process over a 3 day period
  • You must already be 21 years or older
  • At least 3 years experience
  • Must be qualified on level 2
  • Must already have completed the NAC course
  • Must have certification on a minimum of 3 ACEP level 2 courses

Become a master
The master ski coach entails a practical period with the United States of America's ski team.