Ski Coach Work - how to find it ?

Most of the coaches have a long ski instructor career history, together with an excellent ski performance record and only get employed as ski coach towards the last part of their careers.

How to get employed as ski coach
The best way to get employed as ski coach is by attending a local ski training facility as instructor where you can build contacts and indicate your interest in becoming a coach. You need certification to earn credibility and should thus continue with as many training programs as you can. If an opportunity arises, you will already have the experience in ski racing and instructor work, together with the required qualifications, which enhances the possibility of getting hired. Your membership at several professional ski associations will also serve as a plus.

Other aspects that will help you include a passion for the sport, love for working with people and helping them realize their full potential, and excellent communication skills.

Employment at universities
You may get employed as ski coach at a college or university since these institutions hire coaches to train their league teams for racing. You may also qualify as course administrator and as such will coordinate the ski racing events and training programs at these institutions. Since the smaller institutions run on limited budgets, the entire training program sometimes rests one person's shoulders. In these cases the coach must be able to handle enormous workloads and extreme pressure for performance.

Salary expectations
Course administrators of the larger race programs can expect salaries of up to 000 a year in the USA and Canada. The average income for coaches is far below that and normally range between 000 and 000 a year in the USA. The salaries in Europe are about the same. Seasonal coaches earn around to a day on contract basis for the ski season. When you negotiate benefits for the contract, you should try to get medical insurance coverage for after hours as well, since you may get hurt while you enjoy some skiing while not coaching.

Teach younger racers
Several junior ski racing programs exist. The coach that works with children must be able to handle a wide variety of ski skills, such as downhill ski abilities and basic to advanced ski techniques. Children from the age of seven join the programs and the work may entail a lot of travelling for competitions. You will teach basics such as correct balancing and application of pressure on the right spots. Apart from this, coaching involves long hours and dedication, together with a love for working with young children and loads of patience. Other aspects of your daily routine include race scheduling and evaluating the abilities of potential athletes for competition purposes.

When you travel with the youngsters, you also act as parent, for instance making sure that their skis are sharp, that they go to sleep at the right time, get up and dressed and don't get hurt or lost. You will also have to deal with difficult parents who like to tell you how to coach and this is where you need a lot of people skills. Most parents however, respect the coach and provide support.

Benefits of the job
Being employed as ski coach has some advantages, such as being able to work outdoors, travelling, meeting new people, and the most important: being able to help athletes reach their full potential while having fun.