Ski guide jobs on resorts

Background to ski guides

Most ski resorts employ ski guides to give tourists and skiers a tour of ski area. The ski guides act as hosts to visitors and show them the best ski slopes, entertainment, and restaurants. They are normally assigned to VIP guests for a week or more. Travel agent companies also employ their own tour guides. They are then part of the tour company's group and stay at several resorts for free.

The industry is regulated by the tourism board of the specific country and apart from being licensed you also need:

  • Good skiing skills
  • Knowledge of the ski resorts where you work and the immediate area
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Love for working with people
  • A love for travelling
  • Fluency in more than one language
  • Physical fitness
  • Leadership and team building qualities

Competition in the field is extreme and only the best ski guides are in high demand. Large ski resorts employ several ski guides in a season to cater for overseas visitors.

The job entails socializing with the visitors and helping them to learn new skills such as snowboarding and skiing. Every tour company has its own style and adaptability is therefore essential. UK companies have aggressive marketing policies and require that their ski guides promote all activities in the company's profile, while USA companies have a more laid back attitude. Group management skills are important, especially with family tours.