Ski Instructor Employment info

Even though the level 3 certificate is at present the premier level in the USA for professional ski instructor work, you can also aim to become a divisional clinic leader, or an affiliate in the D Team. Another opportunity includes the examiner position. European training and opportunities also include the British Association of Snow Sports Instruction (BASI) training from level 1 to 3 for instructor work.

BASI is the official regulating institute in Britain for skiing instruction. With the BASI certificate you will be able to teach at most of the resorts on the European continent. The Canadian equivalent is the CASI certification (Canadian Association of Ski Instructors). Whether you receive BASI, CASI or PSIA certification, you will be able to conduct ski instructor work in most countries.

Become a divisional clinic leader
The short form of DCL is more in use. If you aspire to become a DCL you must be involved in ski instructor work at a ski school for a certain period and have the support of your school to get advanced training to become a roaming tutor within the particular division. The job includes giving advice and teaching new methods to other instructors. You need excellent ski abilities, experience, training and a lot of self-assurance. The DCL arranges and presents district symposiums, ski clinics and training workshops or even weekend camps.

Next level - examiner
You need in-depth knowledge of the standards, methodology, word use, and technical aspects of the ski governing bodies in USA, Canada or Europe. The examiner assesses the aspirant instructor's ability to teach and ski. The requirement for becoming an examiner is a minimum of level 3 certification and at least 2 years of level 3 teaching. This is mostly a senior level job.

Join the D-team
The D-team is a demonstration team that consists of 12 top notch instructors. These instructors form the connection point between the professional ski association and the different divisions. The members of the team are involved in events, workshops, one month clinics and several camps. They also develop guides, curricula, and write several journal articles on skiing. Getting membership in the team is difficult since only a few positions open every 2 years. You are selected on your standard of skiing, ski instructor work experience, ability to lead, personality and articles or guides written and projects completed.

The ultimate - a place in the national team
The next level is that of member of the national team of your country. It is called the National Demonstration Team in the USA. Only a prestige group of instructors are selected on a bi-annual basis. A group of instructors compete in several high standard contests. Only about ten is selected to represent their country in the national team. Criteria include tutor ability and style, ski ability, ski instructor work experience, and unfortunately also on how well connected you are.

Competing on interski level
The top level instructors compete against each other at this world class event every four years. There are also coordinated ski exhibitions by all the national teams. These teams practice hard and the standard of performance is extremely high. The ski instructor that partakes in one of these events doesn't have to be a ski contestant but can also help with the administration and organization of the event.

Ski instructor work for the disabled
There are hundreds of disabled persons who need ski instruction. The ski schools also offer training for ski instructor to cater for the disabled people. Many of the ski training schools have now added a special training curriculum for disabled skiers. If you enjoy working with people and have a lot of patience, then this type of ski instructor work can be a rewarding experience. Disabled skiers can also qualify as instructors and in most cases, are the best instructors for adaptive skiing.