Ski sales assistant jobs in ski resorts

The employees in the ski industry are subject to the same requirements of other retail sectors. Working in a ski retail outlet implies that you should not only have knowledge about the equipment but also have excellent customer care skills. The job description of the ski shop assistant includes the following:

Consumer happiness
State-of-the-art equipment is only one of the reasons why skiers enter the ski retail outlet. Other reasons include advice on what type of equipment to purchase, where to get lessons, what is fashionable etc. The job description of the ski shop assistant includes being knowledgeable about the ski industry, the equipment, and how to solve consumer complaints. You need to have extensive knowledge on the brand names, possible problems with the equipment, and the suitability of each product for the purpose stated by the consumer. You should be able to assess the consumer's needs and advice him on the best options available at the most affordable price.

Advice on products
Many of the ski retail outlets provide guarantees with their equipment, but these guarantees are only valid as long as the product is used for the recommended purpose. The job description of the ski shop assistant therefore also entails the accurate assessment of the consumer's needs and correct recommendations on product use. The employee must read relevant magazines and product reviews to keep abreast with the latest improvements in the equipment and become aware of possible consumer complaints.

Consumers don't always ask the right questions, but if you listen to their conversations in the ski retail outlet, you will be able to address their needs. Selling isn't about talking as much as you can, but about listening to the consumer and addressing his objections. The job description of the ski shop assistant includes excellent communication skills - including the art of listening.

Product knowledge isn't enough
Several ski resorts SMS, e-mail or fax information about their specials, contests, and weather conditions to the ski retail outlets. The alert retail employee knows that the weather conditions can change within a few hours. Knowledge about the conditions on the slopes and weather patterns forms an essential part of the job description of the ski shop assistant.

As in the case of other retail businesses, the ski retail outlet cannot only rely on the shop front for sales and must market products and services. Brand named products are normally advertised in magazines, the Internet, and national media. The ski retail outlet worker should know which products were advertised. Apart from this the job description of the ski shop assistant includes active participation in promotional activities.

Stock taking
New stock arrive at the ski retail outlets on a regular basis. The stock must be recorded, priced and exhibited in the store. Regular stock taking also forms part of the job description of the ski shop assistant. This can be a tedious task but you will learn a lot about the products and mark-up by conducting stock takes and arranging the items on the shelves.