Software Tester Job Profile

A software tester is a professional who tests software’s that are about to be introduced in the market. As a software tester, your services are essential for an organization before implementing, deploying or introducing custom designed software. The purpose is to ensure that the software is bug free and end users do not face any problem while using them.

Contrary to perceptions, a software tester’s job is not to write codes or programs. As a software tester, you will be testing the software as a end user. Thus, basic knowledge of computers and some sort of formal education is all you need. For better prospects, you can go for a formal certification as a Software Tester through the Quality Assurance Institute. Detailed job profile of a software tester is explained below.

Basic Tasks and Duties

  • Study, analyze and understand the requirements of the clients. Identify different parameters in their requirements.
  • Understand the intended scope of the project.
  • Prepare a testing plan with various parameters identified in the initial step. For example, an entry level tester will do white box testing while an experienced professional may carry out black box testing.
  • Find test configurations to get unexpected results to find the weaknesses of the software.
  • Develop test applications for automating the test cases.
  • Set up the test environment and trials.
  • Use each and every function and tool of testing to validate the results of performance of the software.
  • Determine the reliability of the software.
  • Record the findings accurately in order to track the progress and outcomes of the testing process.
  • Prepare bug reports of the tests conducted on the software.
  • Coordinate with the concerned team and management to bring about necessary modifications in the software.


Work Schedule

As a software tester, you may work for an organization or as an independent consultant for multiple organizations. Software testing is a much lengthier process than development. Thus, you may be working on thin deadlines to complete the testing process as the product implementation, deployment or release date approaches. Under such circumstances the testers are expected to put in long hours. However, under normal circumstance the work timings should not exceed 40 hours a week.

Monetary Benefits

According to the report of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of a Software Tester was $70,597 in the year 2009. However, this may vary greatly depending on your experience and the size of your organization.  

Advancement Opportunities

Once you are experienced enough, you can get promoted to higher level positions within an organization or move on to a larger firm. Becoming an active member of professional associations such as the Association for Software Testing will help you to move higher up the ladder. Higher level positions that you may be promoted to includes- Senior Test Analyst, Security Tester, QA Engineer, Business Analyst, IS Manager, IS Auditor, and Tool Architect. If you have enough contacts within the industry, sound financial position and entrepreneurial streak, then you surely can start working independently and setup a software testing firm of your own.