Solar thermal technician Employment

The solar thermal technician studies, design, develop, install and maintain solar thermal systems used to heat water and produce energy for lights and other domestic uses.

Main tasks

The main tasks in this renewable energy position include:

  • Designing of solar panels or collectors for particular places.
  • Installing solar panels and collectors.
  • Maintenance and support on the systems.

Skills required

  • Basic understanding of solar thermal power
  • Working knowledge of renewable energy
  • Understanding of electronics
  • Understanding of environmental impact of energy production systems
  • Being able to work with automated systems
  • Being able to work with measurement systems
  • Know how to save energy


You need an electronics or mechanical engineering diploma or degree.

Employment opportunities

You can find work as a solar thermal technician at renewable energy plants, companies that install solar panels for domestic use, construction companies, consulting firms and industries relying heavily on energy such as hotels.